prinzecharming Relationships

PrinzeCharming distinctively creates effective dating and relationship development strategies from personal experiences for initiating friendships to rekindling relationships. We are proudly serving dating and relationship advice to over 3,500 beautiful s

        ENTRE COISAS | Revista Digital para o seu lazer e informação

122. ENTRE COISAS | Revista Digital para o seu lazer e informação

entrecoisas Personal-Journals

Entre Coisas l Revista Digital para o seu lazer e informação: Beleza, Cotidiano, Esquisitices, Fitness, Gastronomia, Faça em Casa, Maquiagem, Moda Feminina, Moda Masculina, Saúde, Tecnologia, Variedades, Corpo, Pele, Comportamento, Acessórios, Cabelo


123. allihadwasyourbirthcertificate

Abduction in" DELAWARE" A sister's determination and perseverance to find her missing sister. This blog is a true story about my mother, her struggles, heartache and pain after my sister was ABDUCTED by my mother's friend. It is a story that has a preval

 • Style Served Fresh • Not just your typical fashion blog | Fashion Blog | Style Guide

124. • Style Served Fresh • Not just your typical fashion blog | Fashion Blog | Style Guide

helloradioface Fashion

'Style Served Fresh' is your one-stop destination for all your fashion needs with the latest fashion trends street and runway, inspiring pictures for any occasion, outfits I put together, upcoming clothing apparels and much much more! Basically 'Style Ser

 Chinese culture

125. Chinese culture

zjl35410 Fashion

Some of the phone accessories are meant to aid you have faster access to the operations of our phone and some will make it look appealing. The phone casing comes in different colors, which allow one to choose the correct solution that will lead them to ha

 Hair Styles & Haircuts – Pictures of short Hairstyles

126. Hair Styles & Haircuts – Pictures of short Hairstyles

hairstylestop Fashion

If you're looking for a new style, many of todays men's magazines are a good place to start for new ideas. These are my top five magazines for men's hairstyles.

 Karenade Fashion

127. Karenade Fashion

karenadefashion Fashion

The blog is about fashion, shopping, product reviews and events. From time to time, I also include celebrity fashion, both local and intentional. For shopping, I include the latest products sold online.

 Lewd Accounts of a Serial One Nighter + Vegas

128. Lewd Accounts of a Serial One Nighter + Vegas

incredibledrx Personal-Journals

The hilarious, sordid and sometimes graphic accounts of a hot single Asian woman in her twenties as she chronicles her quest for one night stands in Las Vegas. Men, women, and groups are all fair game.

 men daily

129. men daily

akahgy Lifestyle

Men's daily routine, from which workout to choose, which after-shave is the most effective, how to assort the wine with the dinner characteristics, which is the best way to enjoy a healthy breakfast and which tie knot goes best at a job interview.

 My Spin on Things  | A Political and Current Events Blog

130. My Spin on Things | A Political and Current Events Blog

myspinonthings Society

My Spin on Things is a blog that offers a view of political events, news, and well informed opinion articles. We live in a interesting time in history and it is one's duty to become more informed of their surroundings, our articles present a different vi

 personajesinguion, la red social de los seres ii

131. personajesinguion, la red social de los seres ii

Todos somos personajes: unos mejores que otros. Con este blog abro un casting para encontrar aquellos con pocas posibilidades de protagonizar un guión. Por olvidados, por imposibles o (como la mayoría) por falta de productor. No hay límites. Se admite


bozichsl Lifestyle

Sara Bozich and her team of writers blog about food, drink, nightlife and other local businesses throughout the greater Harrisburg area. Sara serves as resident "expert" and unofficial ambassador to the area.


133. sixteenweb

bujes Fashion

sixteenweb is a weblog with a purpose to share quality content with the world. We mostly write about fashion, lifestyle, gadgets and other electronics. We hope you like our articles.

 SocioLingo Africa

134. SocioLingo Africa

sociolingo Society

Sociolingo Africa is run by me, Maggie. I’m a sociolinguist with a PhD in education. I’ve worked in a number of African countries and in the UK. This site has grown out of my own interest and experience in Africa.

 Szrot – fotografia, podróże, fotomanipulacje

135. Szrot – fotografia, podróże, fotomanipulacje

“The old dreams were good dreams; they didn't work out but I'm glad I had them.” (by Pani Peonia) Blog about art, photography, travel, Poland, history pf photography and everyday life.

 Vintage Sterling Silver Native American Jewelry

136. Vintage Sterling Silver Native American Jewelry

yearsafter Jewelry

Information and photographs to identify Vintage Sterling Silver Native American Jewelry. The types of gemstones used in their jewelry such as Turquoise, and Coral, and the ornaments used such as the Naja.


137. #hartChronicles

hartchronicles Personal-Journals

How #hartChronicles came to be... While I definitely don't believe that my life is the least bit interesting to anyone other than ME, but thanks in part to the company of my cutie-faced husband coupled with the many "why me" moments that I seem to attrac

..::Mulher de Fases::..

138. ..::Mulher de Fases::..

flyrobrasileira Lifestyle

Um BLOG pessoal criado para compartilhar de tudo um pouco: sucesso, tristeza, hobbies, opiniões, desabafos, leituras, receitas, a vida de uma pessoa comum, sem frescuras...

1169 And Counting.....

139. 1169 And Counting.....

11sixtynine Society

An award-nominated Irish Republican blog on Irish history and Irish politics - from all 32 Counties ! Written by an Irish Republican mother of three , born, bred and living in Dublin!

2013 Horoscope, Free 2013 Horoscopes

140. 2013 Horoscope, Free 2013 Horoscopes

indastro Society

Vedic Astrology & horoscope zone, Love astrology compatibility & love horoscope, astrological remedies, indian astrology daily horoscopes readings based on indian vedic astrology, aries horoscope, taurus horoscope, gemini horoscope, cancer horoscope, leo

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