The Good Villager

161. The Good Villager

goodvillager Personal-Journals

A blog devoted to responsible living and travelling. Generally focused on life and living in China, The Good Villager explores interests in gardens, bees, the environment, education, culture differences, and food.

The Online Diary - It's free!

162. The Online Diary - It's free!

Everyone can have their free personal diary or journal at - Choose to have your diary private or public

The Saucy Blog

163. The Saucy Blog

The random musings of a consummate rational mind. I enjoy debating the popular issues of today like freedom, equality, religion, politics, science, and technology. No topic is off limits.

Think and Create

164. Think and Create

Learn how to improve yourself, achieve success, have a balanced life - all by just learning to use the power of your mind. These are my personal views on the world we live and how we can shape our inner world accordingly.

This Pilgrim’s Progress [Lorraine Yeung]

165. This Pilgrim’s Progress [Lorraine Yeung]

lorraineyeung Personal-Journals

I exist to live an un-wasted life in pursuit of this one single passion: the ultimate pleasure, delight and satisfaction in Jesus Christ, that it would magnify Him as the single greatest, most fun, most beautiful treasure that anyone can be belong to or p

Tips dan Trik Blogger

166. Tips dan Trik Blogger

Webblog sarana berbagi info, tips, dan trik yang mengulas artikel tentang blogging, bisnis online, seo, dan topik lainnya dan sebagai media berbagi untuk semuanya aja oke brow

Toluca Noticias Metepec

167. Toluca Noticias Metepec

Diversas noticias de Toluca y Metepec en el Estado de México. Publicaciones de los diarios más importantes. Politica, Deportes, Turismo, Policiaca, Espectaculos, Arte, Cultura,

Tongue In Cheek

168. Tongue In Cheek

A personal journey. Hitchhiking on the back of poetry and my stories, I try to see the world in a different way. I believe ,for those who can't speak,poetry is the song they always hum in their hearts

TV Reviews and Features

169. TV Reviews and Features

un32eh4003 Personal-Journals

What TV should you buy this year? Most TVs look similar on the surface, but each brand and model offers different features and limitations. Experience the next generation of our groundbreaking Smart TVs, with full web browsers, all-new content services an

Type OH!  The manual typewriter experience...

170. Type OH! The manual typewriter experience...

Typecasting blog. Posts created on manual typewriters. Thoughts, Life, Reviews, Travel... Goal positive thoughts. Joy, fun, friendships... images... hopes covered as well.

UbpleInfo | Kutipan Remaja | Blog Kisah | Renungan

171. UbpleInfo | Kutipan Remaja | Blog Kisah | Renungan

Kutipan fakta, zodiak, kisah, renungan blog remaja indonesia, kutipan bermanfaat | Lyric Lagu . uodate remaja, islam, renungan motivasi , kisah dan lingkup remaja

Vidya Sury - going a-musing, collecting smiles. happiness is a D.I.Y. project

172. Vidya Sury - going a-musing, collecting smiles. happiness is a D.I.Y. project

vidyasury Personal-Journals

Life, experiences, happiness, parenting, personal development, photography, travel, positive thinking, love, health, tips to live happily, book reviews, honest service and product recommendations

Webkenni - The talk of Kenya and Africa

173. Webkenni - The talk of Kenya and Africa

latest comprehensive breaking up-to-date news from Kenya and Africa. get the best of weird news from Kenya Africa and the world. watch the latest movies and videos from Kenya and Africa

Well, Oh Wellness

174. Well, Oh Wellness

wellohwellness Personal-Journals

Well, Oh Wellness, or WoW for short. We are... Employees. Employers. Husbands. Wives. Moms. Dads. Sisters. Brothers. Volunteers. Co-Workers. Friends. Neighbors. Housekeepers. Grocery Shoppers. Laundry-doers. Lawn Mowers. Athletes. Couch Potatoes. Sons. D


175. wizyuloverz

wizyuloverz Personal-Journals

Sharing Science, Information And Software Antivirus | Video | Komik | Games | Tips And Trick | Point Blank | SEO | Hacking | Facebook | Internet | Komputer | Wizyuloverz | Daftar Isi | About Me | Download | Film | Subtitle Bahasa Indonesia | Naruto | One

Write In Private: Free Online Diary

176. Write In Private: Free Online Diary

Penzu is a free online diary and personal journal focused on privacy. Easily keep a secret diary or a private journal of notes and ideas securely on the web.

Writer's Space

177. Writer's Space

A blog on thoughts, reflections, insights on things that happen every day to ordinary people as well as doodles of my pen (actually my laptop) when I get a chance to just sit, write and marvel at the many wonderful things that happen or don’t happen in


178. zaman-jamil

zamanjamil Personal-Journals

الزّمن ، الجميل ، فكر، أخبار ، سياسة ، خواطر ، أشعار، ثقافة ، تسالي الزّمن ، الجميل ، فكر، أخبار ، سياسة ، خواطر ، أشعار، ثقافة ، تسالي

Zaqy - The Only One

179. Zaqy - The Only One

hello my name is zaqy. I am from indonesia, this blog dedicated to my friend and w3 community kaskus. You can ask question and discuss about technology, hosting stuff, and SEO.

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