change your life

61. change your life

changeyourlife Society

Are you searching for better life ,wanna change your life ,achieve your goals , dreams and motivate yourself to become what you want ,you can do this by join us.

Cheri Speak

62. Cheri Speak

cheri Society

In its highly organized and easy to navigate pages you can find countless articles on a variety of subjects that include politics, health, community, music, business and marketing and more. You will also find a library of poetry from erotic to dark, count

church songs- should they be good or God's songs.

63. church songs- should they be good or God's songs.

lexman Society

A blog about the use and choice of songs in our churches today. It looks at God's idea of the songs he receives from us. How do they affect his response to us.

Corsica Ministries

64. Corsica Ministries

mstacy908 Society

Corsica Ministries is meant to be your local church on the web and in your household, this work is currently being established by the Lord! We are taking the message of Jesus Christ and Him crucified door to door, house to house, and city to city in orde


65. Cuéntamelo

leoword Society

Quejate, te escuchamos. Quejas sociales, telefonia, compañias telefonicas, denuncias, asesoramiento, seguridad ciudadana, paro, inaem, preguntas, respuestas, plataformas

Cuéntamelo España

66. Cuéntamelo España

leoword Society

Noticias de colaboradores de las redes sociales, opinión, facebook, google+, twitter, poesia, humor, relaciones sociales, quejas, protestas, inconformismo, uso de la escritura como medio de comunicación y el debate.

Cute Kids

67. Cute Kids

kufarooq Society

Site is Related to Beautiful and Cute Pictures of Kids. Site is Related to most Beautiful creation of our Allah Children. Children are our Future and Hope we must Love, save and Educate Children.

Daily thoughts by Markamoment

68. Daily thoughts by Markamoment

markamoment Society

Daily thought of the day to enhance positive energy. Encouraging Monthly Motivational Quotes Calendars are an excellent way to keep up on your daily goals of success and resolution. Huge graphic designed reminders to help you reinforce your positive attit

David's Musings

69. David's Musings

korsondo Society

A general discussion blog with discussion on retirement, divorce and writing, consumer rights, baby boomers and basically anything that is not porn or any other illegal activities.

Dia dos Pais 2013

70. Dia dos Pais 2013

blogalize Society

Blog dedicado especialmente ao Dia dos pais 2013, esta data tão importante. Encontre ótimas dicas de presentes, fotos, imagens, vídeos, mensagens, frases e muito mais para o Dia dos Pais 2013.

Divine Society

71. Divine Society

eamonn Society

Divine Society is here for all those seeking to relinquish the shackles of the modern day system, which truly only benefits the elites. Divine Society is here to promote a new perspective on what kind of world we all which to live in. A world where Everyo

East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin

72. East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin

wwright1961 Society

Publishes legal news and analysis from East Timor (aka Timor-Leste) in English. Sourced from local media, non-government agencies, government, parliament and the United Nations.

Edward Elgar - Web site of The Elgar Society

73. Edward Elgar - Web site of The Elgar Society

vegas Society

Welcome to the website of Edward Elgar - Web site of The Elgar Society, Elgar Works, the Elgar Society Edition, Elgar Birthplace and Elgar Foundation.



geo9534 Society

ότι πραγματικά αξίζει κάποιος να μάθεις για να ξέρει σε τι κόσμο ζεί παραφυσικά φαινόμενα, πεφωτισμένοι, φαντάσματα, μαγεία,,ufo, μάγια,perierga ,

European Court of Human Rights

75. European Court of Human Rights

echr Society

The European Court of Human Rights HUDOC Portal is a powerful, user-friendly information system which provides free online access to the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights, the European Commission of Human Rights and the Committee of Ministers

词不达意 | caopeng's blawg |

76. 词不达意 | caopeng's blawg |

lawcao Society

是一枚个人weblog,博主为曹鹏律师,这个weblog主要记录和分享的是与法律有关的专业知识、经验和观点。 曹鹏律师目前致力于企业法律风险管理的研究和实务工作。 其他联系方式: 微博:@cpb

Fed Corruption Tracks The Bill Of Rights, The Constitution, and Government Corruption

77. Fed Corruption Tracks The Bill Of Rights, The Constitution, and Government Corruption

dcatkin Society

Fed Corruption is designed to give the American people a place to speak out against the horrible things that the federal government continues to do to this country.

Fine on Pine

78. Fine on Pine

fineonpine Society

Fine on Pine is a Seattle based photo blog created to show off the fancy, freaky, fascinating, fabulous people of Seattle. It's not just about photos, but an avenue to get people in Seattle talking to each other and asking questions of their community.

For the Sake of Argument

79. For the Sake of Argument

ftsa Society

For the Sake of Argument is a journal of politics and culture meant to stimulate thought and discussion about a variety of issues: Civil Liberties, Foreign Policy, Culture and the Media, Economics, and a myriad of other topics.

Foro de marroquíes de España

80. Foro de marroquíes de España

forome Society

Foro de Marroquíes de España es un portal de información especializa en materia de inmigración. Nuestro objetivo es que el lector encuentre aquí la actualidad, las actividades y propuestas de los distintos colectivos relacionados con los extranjeros

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