2012 Audi A6

2012 Audi A6

If you have a passion for top branded cars that can mean a lot in terms of performance and great design, then you surely have on your list of great cars the 2012 Audi A6. This car is guaranteed to meet all your expectations as it represents the new car model belonging to the German manufacturer Audi AG, which has always come with great sport cars that impressed customers. We can say though that when it was launched this car brought some disappointment as somehow it resembles a lot with its predecessor model which was even a smaller car carrying costs that were accessible to all buyers. If you take a look at this car you can still notice it comes with a new design for its corners which are more smoothly curved. And if you go inside this car the slight disappointment will go away as you will be impressed by far by the way this car looks in its interior. Some of the best car reviews easily got over the fact that this year’s model doesn’t bring too many innovations design-wise, because sometimes it is simply better to go for the successful recipe and give the people exactly what they were expecting.

What you need to hear more about the 2012 Audi A6 is that it represents the modern urban car that is suitable even for families that have a lot to put inside and this car is not disappointing when it comes to its interior space and you should know it features also five seats. If you are looking for luxury limousines in Ottawa, this car is an excellent option, because it has a lot of space, it’s comfortable, it looks stunning and it’s also really fast. Not to mention the leather characteristics and the fine wood looks add to the interior comfort the manufacturer has used its customers with. If you’re looking for the best car reviews, this Audi will surely turn up amongst them, because it is such a versatile car. Being so safe, comfortable and capacious makes it a great family car, but it can also turn into the powerful and impressive car singles might like. Although it is quite versatile for a street car, this is definitely not like NASCAR race cars or other sports-type cars, but rather the kind of sedan that adventurous types would like as well. So if you’re looking for adventure, speed and adrenaline, this car can deliver them, but don’t have any NASCAR race cars expectations. What you will get are great maneuverability, good performance and steering and, most importantly, the safety to push limits with your new car.

The manufacturer has put inside this car the latest Quattro version which represents the source of this car’s power. You should know the Quattro system ensures a front to rear distribution of power for this car, which gives this car also stability on the road and great capabilities in matter of power. So it’s definitely not the most aggressive out of all the luxury limousines in Ottawa and you will be able to enjoy a smooth ride. The new Audi A6 can offer customers four sizes in engines from the 2.0 l engine to the 3.0 l engine. And you can even select between the Petrol and Diesel engines in the car you would want to purchase. This car’ models come with a semi-automatic transmission as well which makes another great feature of this car. When it comes to prices you should know this car can be more accessible to customers or it comes to cost quite a lot and the costs differ accordingly to the standard features and the option for additional ones.

For the 2.0 l L4 engine model the 2012 Audi A6 power can boost out 211 horsepower.
The modern technology this car has combined with its great design makes it a great automobile for the ones that want comfort along with power in their cars.

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