Alternative Medicine


Alternative medicine is a term that can be used to describe all sorts of practices other than scientific medicine in order to treat and cure certain illnesses and diseases in the human body. The difference between regular, scientific and accredited medicine and alternative medicine is that the latter has not been proven efficient or beneficent in any scientific way. This type of treatment is viewed with suspicion by many, especially by doctors and physicians because something that has not been tested can be considered to have possible side-effects or perhaps just placebo effects, meaning they are effective because they are believed to be. Contrary to many beliefs, forms of treatment such as acupuncture are indeed beneficial and those who experience health problems are encouraged to try it.

The bad reputation of alternative medicine is also due to its close connection with traditions, superstitions, cultural habits, fake propaganda – see the infamous snake oil –, or pseudoscience. Alternative medicine can refer to the use of plants and herbs for naturist treatments, the use of stones and crystals for their supposed positive energies, or homeopathy. However, there are still many people who appeal to it, and not just those living in small and tight communities where tradition and superstition are still strong, but in the big cities as well, where people who’ve tried all the avenues of Western medicine have grown dissatisfied and started searching for more natural or just more diverse ways of treatment. Nowadays, people are also more responsive to natural treatments, since we are all noticing how polluted and synthetic everything around us is. For example, the miracle blue pills which were advertised as the best potency enhancement pills, were recently discovered to cause infertility. Their popularity dramatically dropped as natural alternatives appeared on the market which were just as efficient, the only difference being that they didn’t cause any side effects. For more information on this matter, visit If you’ve never heard of this medicine before, check out the numerous positive VigRX reviews left by satisfied customers. This type of treatment is exactly what alternative medicine is all about. Natural extracts, used to their full potential.

Most scientists from the medical field and critics of the phenomenon in general accuse that the term “alternative medicine” is deceptive because it creates the impression that it is a real, well-established science with rules and real values that can be used with precision. Most doctors are annoyed by the fact that people are hoaxed by the formulation that draws on medical authority when in fact this type of treatment is rarely, if ever, scientifically validated. However, forms of treatment such as acupuncture have proven to be beneficial and many patients have been recommended to try it.

Nevertheless, there are indeed facets of alternative medicine that have been proven effective such as acupuncture Ottawa, though only by word of mouth, by the statements of those who had subjected themselves to this or that treatment and found it to be useful. Like mentioned before, alternative medicine is mostly based on cultural and traditional foundations and draw from superstition, folk knowledge and other local beliefs. Alternative medicine is sometimes couples with complementary medicine which incorporates certain practices such as acupuncture which, though not very scientific, is still proven effective.

Other fields of alternative medicine that can be found and easily accessed by anyone are Ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine.

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