Appointment with Death by Agatha Christie


There are many great books people can choose from in order to experience the romance, comedy or drama given by different kind of literature books. If you like reading only good books then it might be the time to go to the library and have Appointment with Death by Agatha Christie. You should know that this book literature addresses the ones that appreciate the detective fiction written by Agatha Christie. In this author’s work you will find many mysteries thrillers and the action taking place in the books has to deal with the criminal minds and the solving of different murders detectives are faced with. You should know this book was first released in the United Kingdom in 1938. In the United States it came the same year but later on.

As the title points out in this book we are going to discuss about the plot is centered on the murder of a character. The Belgian detective we have been used with in Agatha Christie’s books Hercule Poirot is actually the character that needs to use his sharp mind in solving the murder and make the aggressor pay for this crime.

The story Appointment with Death by Agatha Christie has come to be very appreciated among people especially as it was used even for making different plays and movies. And for the ones that are attracted to this sort of literature that has to deal with solving complicated situations that get even more complicated while the story advances this book is best in reading. And if you are not a fan of reading you should definitely have the movie for watching as the captivating scenes will keep you tied to your chair till the end of this film.

The characters of Appointment with Death by Agatha Christie involve the main figure who is the Belgian detective and the victim Mrs. Boynton along with other characters that make the victim’s family and friends and some other secondary characters like the French psychologist, the young doctor and the Parliament member taking part in the action as well.

The story presented in this book refers to a holiday spent in Jerusalem in which the detective Poirot hears out the stepson of the victim telling his sister Carol that Mrs. Boynton who is actually their stepmother has to be killed by someone. The reason Mrs. Boynton is so hated by all members of the family is that she treats all them very bad and she is seen as a real tyrant even by the rest of the people making contact with the family. The moment she is murdered Poirot comes in stage and tries to solve the complications of this case and to prove the murder.

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