Graphic Design

Graphic design has actually been in our blood for thousands of years, ever since early cavemen started drawing two-dimensional representations of what they saw in the surrounding world, such as animals and other humans, thus transposing actual objects into recognizable symbols.

Creative Design

Creative design can be applied to various objects or processes and it can deal with branding, clothing, furniture, home interior and exterior, user interface and even corporate identities, in an attempt to combine – though not always – the useful with the aesthetic, by following a certain plan and objective, specifications, parameters and costs.

Graphic Designers

In order to be proficient, graphic designers must acquire a degree from authorized trade schools and they must be able to use various software to help them manipulate images, photos, typography and others in order to create something attractive, original and unique for their client; the better they are and the larger their portfolio, the better they will be paid and sought after by other clients.

Modern Design

Modern design is one of the manifestations of Modernism, which was a rejection of old-fashioned, pre-industrial society with its narrow views, strict religions and harsh morals; modernism was like a new Enlightenment where people sought a new society and new cultural and even political expressions.