Asprey White Gold & Cognac Diamond Rose Stud Earrings


Asprey is one of the most appreciated designers and manufacturers from the United Kingdom, dealing in high-end objects such as jewelry, silverware, leather goods, books, polo equipment and other accessories. Perhaps one of the things that makes Asprey so special is their long history in the manufacture of luxury objects, dating back to 1781. They are on the list of designers that have created and supplied crowns, scepters and coronets for royal families not only in England, but in the rest of the world as well. Unfortunately, getting your hands on some jewelry or otherwise from Asprey can be a bit difficult if you’re not rich and living in the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and Switzerland. Nothing is impossible though, thanks to globalization and the internet, so if you wish to invest in some Asprey pieces you can always order some by mail.

In this article we’ll focus on a certain special piece from their collections, precisely the Asprey White Gold & Cognac Diamond Rose Stud Earrings. A long name for some very short earrings, but it all makes sense once you set your eyes on this delicate and impressive pair. Set in 18-karat white gold, the Asprey White Gold & Cognac Diamond Rose Stud Earrings are decorated with cognac-colored diamonds and, like the name suggests, are shaped like two small roses. The method of clipping is with a push-back clip, so they are also easy to put on and take off afterwards.

The Asprey White Gold & Cognac Diamond Rose Stud Earrings are quite small and light as well, with each earring weighing no more than five grams. But they don’t need to be big and heavy in order to be beautiful and fancy. These delicate little earrings can be worn by any type of woman mostly for evening and elegant outfits, but with the right combination they could be worn during the day as well. For some, the price won’t seem very steep, as they can be found for $2,200 or even $5,000 depending on where and how you purchase them.

There’s no doubt that the Asprey White Gold & Cognac Diamond Rose Stud Earrings draw their price and fame from the royal associations the brand has, but their craftsmanship and fantasy cannot be denied either. These very romantic earrings can represent a really beautiful and endearing present for someone dear.

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