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Atkins diet

Atkins diet

There is no secret that these days many people are struggling with being overweight and for this reason many weight loss diets are gaining more or less popularity among them. If you are among the people that are not feeling comfortable with gaining weight and you need to get rid of some pounds, you should know a very popular choice among other weight loss diets seems to be the Atkins diet.

This diet carries the name of its promoter who is Robert Atkins – an American cardiologist and physician. Being a nutritionist, he intensely studied the effects some foods have into our bodies and the way they get transformed into energy, blood sugar levels and fats. Basically, this weight loss diet consists of teaching people how to control the carbohydrates they eat with different meals. And this diet makes a difference in removing sugar and starch from the dietary regime and giving a more importance to eating fats and proteins.

Furthermore, you need to know that this promoter has himself tried this diet being overweight and the results in his weight loss were very good which is why he decided to go on with his research and encourage other people to lose weight by using his weight loss plan.

The Atkins diet helps people to lose pounds and maintain their desired weight for the future to come as well. And this must be another reason why this diet is gaining so much popularity today. Basically, this diet tries to make people aware of controlling the starch and sugar levels that can increase in their blood after consumption of carbohydrates. Instead, Robert Atkins suggests people should eat different vegetables and meat that should boost their energy from burning fats over carbohydrates. This way the extra pounds are being removed and the body becomes healthier.

You should know this diet targets also recovering from different health disorders as well as preventing others like diabetes, hypertension and severe heart conditions. The diet aims as well to lower the LDL cholesterol levels and increase the HDL cholesterol levels which is considered to be the good cholesterol.

Nevertheless, you need to know the Atkins diet requires some time and efforts in the process to complete. You should find out there are about four phases that need to be attentively studied and put into practice by dieters in order to reach their wanted weight. These phases are termed as Induction, Ongoing weight loss, Pre-Maintenance and Maintenance phase. You can use the online sources for further information.