Army Aviation

Army aviation, also called air corps in parts like North America, mostly deal with strategic and tactical help and support of the air force but of ground troops as well; they may deal with casualty evacuation, anti-tank warfare, reconnaissance, surveillance and disaster relief, all mainly with the help of different helicopters.

Federal Aviation Administration

The Federal Aviation Administration oversees and regulates all form of air traffic, but only civilian aviation, and it has, besides the main Headquarters in Washington, DC, other nine location spread throughout the United States in order to better oversee all activity happening in American air space.

Civil Aviation

Flying can be divided into two major categories: army aviation and civil aviation; the latter represents all commercial and non-commercial aviation as well as private aviation, basically all non-military aviation and it is regulated by the International Civil Aviation Organization to which 191 countries adhere, 190 of which are UN members.

Aviation News

Aviation news is something that should preoccupy us all, because today it is something that most of us have access to, it is something that others take for granted and something that others still dream of; it is a great accomplishment that we all benefit from whether we’ve ever flown or not, because many products of a country are imported by aircraft.

Era Aviation

Era Aviation offered Alaskan commercial flights to some seven destinations, but after many financial problems and its final declaration of bankruptcy in 2005, it was finally purchased by the Frontier Alaskan Group which, together with other airlines it had purchased, formed the Era Alaska.

General Aviation

The types of aircrafts that are part of general aviation flights and that are used by the public or by private and corporate individuals and groups are business jets, racers, gliders, trainers, aerobatic types, homebuilt, medical transports, firefighters or warbirds, but there are many other types as well.