Aviation News

Aviation News

Aviation generally refers to anything pertaining to the development, design, operation, production and use of aircraft, usually heavier-than-air aircraft rather than light aircraft. Light aircraft is represented by aircraft that does not exceed a take-off weight of 12,500 pounds or 5,670 kilograms. The term aviation has its etymology in Latin, being derived from the word avis, which means bird. Flight is perhaps the most interesting and fascinating phenomenon of our world and people have tried for thousands of years to acquire in one form or another, to emulate the birds’ and insects’ ability to soar through the air. This can be verified by taking a look at every culture’s mythology or history, where most of the time you will find stories, poems and instances where flight is in the center of attention.

Thus, it’s no wonder that we’re all fascinated with it, though we may be scared of actually doing it or not. Anyway, what this article is actually about is aviation news, which need and should be part of all of our interests. Whether we want to check the flight schedules of a particular airline or are interested in the latest developments in the field, aviation news are important and they refer to a subject that should interest us all. After all, the next step that mankind though of after perfecting airspace flight was surpassing the life-giving atmosphere and see what’s hidden beyond the stars and planets.

It was our imagination and idealism that got us where we are today, and without visionaries such as Leonardo da Vinci or Jules Verne, perhaps our road would have been longer and bumpier. This is why aviation news are important, whether you’re a commercial or private pilot, flight attendant, airline employee or not, whether you’re and adult or just a student. Aviation news can help us form an idea about the status of today’s flight operations, about innovations in flight control technology and software, about the invention of new, better, safer and faster aircraft such as the Airbus A380, the largest passenger carrier with two decks that can transport up to 525 people, not counting staff.

Aviation news should be just as important as financial, medical, political, or cultural news because it too is a major part of our society and, whether we accept it or not, it was, is or will be part of our individual lives. And for this all we have to do is browse the internet, as there are numerous websites dedicated to informing both professionals and private individuals like you and me about all the latest aviation news.