Best House Cleaning Tools

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A clean home is a healthy home, everyone knows this. There are certain cleaning tools that are a definite must have in every household, and in this article we will present to you the best house cleaning tools for you to keep your dear home spotless at all times.

Floor mopping robot

We live in a modern world, and our cleaning tools have evolved as well as many other things. Instead of breaking your back mopping the old way, invest in a floor mopping robot. You can sit on the couch and admire it while it scrubs your floors perfectly, exactly like you would.
A great floor mopping robot is the iRobot Scooba 450. This amazing device sweeps, pre-soaks, squeegees, and scrubs hard floors. Simply fill its tank and let it do the work while you relax.

Robot vacuum

Robot vacuums, as well as floor mopping robots, replace manual labor and clean everything by themselves. A robot vacuum can be as efficient as a standard model if you choose wisely.
According to most robot vacuum cleaner reviews, the best robot vacuum out there is the iRobot Roomba 880, which has a big suction power, an interesting and playful design, and useful features that make it even more tempting. For example, you can program this robot vacuum to clean while you are away, this way coming back to find all your floors and carpets spotless already. So, if you want your floors to be cleaned effortlessly, even when you are not home, read the latest robot vacuum cleaner reviews and choose a powerful robotic vacuum cleaner.

Microfiber cleaning cloths

Microfiber cleaning cloths are gentile and efficient at removing scum and grim from solid surfaces. They aren’t expensive, and they are a great choice if you want to protect your furniture from being scratched when you wipe dirt off of it because they are delicate, unlike cleaning rags that aren’t efficient and might bruise your precious furniture.

All-purpose squeegee

You should make it a habit if it isn’t already to clean the walls of the shower after every use to not allow soap scum to build up. You can do this easily with an all-purpose squeegee.
In addition, the all-purpose squeegee can be used to clean mirrors and windows as well, being very efficient at cleaning marks, smudges and build ups.

Hand duster

To save money and be “green”, use a hand duster to eliminate the pesky dust from your furniture, instead of using cleaning products. If you dust once every week be sure that you won’t need to use anything else. A hand held duster is more than enough to do the job, and it’s extremely cheap.
Besides, by using various cleaning products on furniture, you damage it over time instead of prolonging its life span.

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