Best Luxury Spa Resorts in Europe


European spas played second to Asian spas for almost two decades, but now they have made a remarkable comeback, offering high-end services in exquisite locations to their clients. Moreover, contrary to what most people think, you can find some very cheap spas in Europe. You can find most of them listed on Revitalit, that is if you are interested in an affordable yet therapeutic vacation. However, if you want to indulge yourself and you are wondering which are the best luxury spa resorts in Europe, check out the following lines.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain

One of the best luxury spa resorts in the world is definitely the SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain, and for $10000 you can enjoy a 14-day program here, or you can book for a single day if you don’t want to spend too much money or you consider that you don’t need their services for such a long period.
While here, you will witness some amazing and unforgettable views of the coastline from the rooftop pool, and a coordinator and a doctor will greet you on your arrival to create a personalized program that tends to your needs, this spa resort being devoted to wellness, anti-aging, and to the macrobiotic diet.
Beside enjoying a wide variety of massages, reflexology, and yoga programs, the resort offers dentistry, acupuncture, treatments for the face and the body, cosmetic procedures, and sleep therapies.

Therme del Parco, Forte Village, Italy

For a truly luxury spa resort experience, you have to go to the Therme del Parco resort in Forte Village, Italy, and for only $90 you can enjoy a day pass here. This amazing spa resort has 20 treatment rooms and a staff of 40 therapists who will professionally tend to your needs, making the money you spend on the experience seem nothing in comparison to what you are receiving. The highlight of this spa resort is the group of five saline-dense thalassotherapy pools that are set in a tropical garden, giving you an unforgettable view that will forever remain in your memory. The Therme del Parco is one of the few spas in the world that offer zero-gravity yoga, weightless exercises, a wide range of massages that includes the exotic Watsu massage, and it hosts a variety of beauty therapies as well.

Schloss Elmau, Oberbayern, Germany

The Schloss Elmau resort in Germany is the perfect hideaway for anyone who wants to relax and improve the body and the mind, and the starting price for a night in this resort is $110 for a single room.
Beside the four luxury spas, one of the spas being exclusively for families, this luxury resort offers the visitors six restaurants, two libraries, a concert hall, hiking, biking, yoga, painting, and many other amazing experiences. While using the resort’s spas, you can opt for facials, massages, physiotherapy, postural realignment, or even for a nice pedicure and manicure.

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