Best Way to Sharpen a Pocket Knife

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Sharpening a knife doesn’t seem like a difficult chore if you are using the right tools but sharpening a pocket knife with a small handle and a small blade can become dangerous and could not offer the best results unless you know which method is best. Below, you have three different sharpening methods that can be used on pocket knives, but only one of it is the best.

Using a stone

The most popular way to sharpen a pocket knife is to use a sharpening stone that will give the blade a sharper edge. Before you choose this method, you must know that there are 3 kinds of sharpening stones to choose from and that the efficiency of this method is strongly connected to choosing the right type of stone. The most affordable type is the whetstone that can make your pocket knife sharper fast and easy as long as you keep in mind to soak the stone in water for 10 minutes before sharpening the blade. The disadvantage of this stone is that, after several uses, it can develop valley where the knife is rubbed. You can also opt for a ceramic stone that will last longer but also costs more, or for the highly effective diamond stone that is the best option but also the most expensive. Each type of stone is used the same way, by sliding the pocket knife’s blade over its surface multiple times until it gets a nice and sharp edge. You have to be very careful not to press your finger to the stone while sharpening the small blade of the pocket knife.

Using a honing rod

Similar to using the sharpening stone, a honing rod must also be glided over the surface of the blade in order to make it sharper. The rod consists of a handle and a steel round bar attached to it and using it is more elegant and comfortable than using the stones. What you have to do is hold the rod by its handle and gently slide the knife over its steel part in order to give the knife a nice honing. Make sure that you place the knife at a perfect angle to the rod so that the blade will not be damaged and won’t become even more blunt. However, considering the small size of the pocket knife, you could get hurt while sliding its blade over the rod.

Using a knife sharpener

Although the previous two ways of sharpening a pocket knife are the most affordable and popular, nothing can compare to the efficiency of the best knife sharpener that can make the knife’s blade look like new.

A sharpener is a device consisting of sharpening slots placed at a perfect angle that will ensure a smooth and sharp blade without damaging it. Using it is far easier and safer that using any other method and the resulted blade is more durable. The best knife sharpener can handle any types of blades, even serrated blades. Due to the well-designed slots, even the small pocket knife can be sharpened perfectly. Your fingers will stay safe from the sharpening disk that the knife sharpener uses.

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