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Changing Web Hosting Service Providers

Changing Web Hosting Service Providers

The web hosting provider is one of the factors that ensures the quality of your website. Therefore if you are no longer satisfied with your current provider you should switch to a better one. Most people fear this process but it is not very complicated. Because you already have a web hosting provider you are probably familiar with its characteristic features so choosing a new one shouldn’t be so difficult. Changing web hosting service providers is quite easy if you just follow a few simple instruction.

The first thing you need to do is research other hosting companies. Give special attention to this process and try not to repeat the mistakes from the past. Read customer reviews in order to get a real analysis about the web hosting provider. Make sure that other than offering you sufficient resources, the company will also give you prompt customer support as well as tools for further developing your website. Try to anticipate the development of your website so that the features that you will choose now will also be adequate in the future.

An important aspect when changing web hosting service providers is timing. It is ideal that you still have at least two weeks of hosting with you current provider. This will give you sufficient time to find a new provider and make the necessary arrangements. The last thing you want is for your website to be unavailable to the users for a long period of time. However no matter how smooth the process may be you should still inform you visitors of the change that you are about to make. This way you can apologies for any future inconvenience. If you have a backup copy of your website then the process will be a lot simpler. If you don’t have one, now is the time to make one. Download the website on a removable storage device and make sure to maintain its current structure. The downloading part can be done by using the web host’s FTP feature.

The next step is uploading the website on the new server. Once you have successfully done so it is time to set up the e-mail accounts. You can use the old ones or you can set up new addresses. In the mean time you should contact your domain name registration service and inform them about the new web hosting provider. The DNS (domain name server) changes will be active in 24-48 hours. Some hosting companies give you the possibility of testing your website on the new server before going live. You should take advantage of this feature and make sure that everything is running perfectly. The last step in the process of changing web hosting service providers is deleting your old account. Now that your website is safely installed on the new server you can cancel your agreement with the old provider.