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Cheap Ideas of DIY Affordable Firepit for Backyard to Try at Home

Cheap Ideas of DIY Affordable Firepit for Backyard to Try at Home

A firepit makes for a great addition to the backyard as you can gather with your loved ones around it, warming up your hands in the great outdoors while you chat, sing, laugh, and prepare delicious marshmallows over the fire. You can always go for the simpler version and choose the best tabletop fireplace to beautify your patio but where would the fun be when you can make your own firepit from scratch? Firepits can also be found pre-made, all that you need to do is to buy them and place them wherever you want in the backyard. There are plenty of firepit tables out there that are pre-made and that look stunning, making for a great addition to the outdoor area. But for the DIY type of people who want to save a dime and enjoy the satisfaction of warming up next to a pit that they have made with their own two hands, buying the pit isn’t an option. If you want to do it yourself, check out the following 2 cheap ideas to make your own firepit for the backyard.

DIY Firepit Idea #1

The first project that we will present to you, a project that will not only cost little money as the materials are cheap, but that will be fun to make as well consists of 4 easy steps that you must go through. Also, not a lot of skill is required to do it, so it’s perfect even for those haven’t taken up such projects up to this point.

Required supplies:

  • – gravel;
  • shovel or another type of digging tool;
  • – colored spray paint;
  • – concrete landscaping stones;
  • – metal ring – it’s optional as some stone kits already come with a ring;
  • – rubber mallet;
  • – masonry adhesive.

Now that you have gathered the supplies, find the perfect firepit location and go through the 4 steps described below to build it. Just make sure that the pit is at least 10 feet away from trees, fences, or buildings to not exist the danger of a fire breaking out.

Step #1: Outline

If you have bought the metal ring or it came in the concrete landscaping stone kit, use it to do the outline more easily by placing it on the grass and placing a few stones around it until the circle is complete. What you need to do is to remove a few stones in order to leave some space between them. Use the spray paint to mark the place where the outside of the stones would hit when you’re done laying the stones. Afterward, simply remove the remaining stones to have a complete outline of the pit.

Step #2: Dig

Use the shovel or the digging tool that you have acquired to dig out a 6-inch deep hole where you have made the outline of the pit. This task won’t last too long, but the difficulty depends on the type of backyard terrain you have. If there are giant rocks in the soil, you’ll sweat a bit more when doing it, while if the soil is free of roots and other impediments, it will be a breeze for you to dig it.

Step #3: Fill

When you are finished with digging the hole, you can proceed to fill it. Take the gravel that you have purchased and pour it into the hole until it’s at the same level with the ground. Doing this provides a drainage area for the pit when it starts to rain.

Step #4: Build

The fourth and final step that you will go through is to build the pit. Place the first ring of stones around the gravel circle’s edge. Tamp them flat and until they’re even with each other with the rubber mallet. If you have a metal ring, place it in the middle of this stone circle. Continue to place the second row of stones, but not before you put masonry adhesive on the bottom of each stone that you use for this row. Again, use the mallet to even out the stones. Repeat the same process with the third row, and you’re done with the DIY firepit.

DIY Firepit Idea #2

Required supplies:

  • – level;
  • – tape measure;
  • – shovel;
  • – marking paint;
  • – garden rake;
  • – tamper;
  • – concrete adhesive;
  • – caulking gun;
  • – lava rock;
  • – paver base;
  • – sprinkling can.

Now that you have all the materials that you need, let’s move on to the 9 steps that you must go through to construct this DIY pit.
Step #1 – Mark out a 49-inch diameter circle using the marking paint. If there are roots in the ground inside this circle, remove the roots without exceeding a 2-inch depth in the ground when digging. Also, you should kill the weeds prior to digging the hole to have an easier time doing this task/
Step #2 – Make sure that the ground is leveled. If it’s not, remove the excess soil.
Step #3 – Add approximately 2 inches of paver base inside the circle and rake it to bring it to a level. In order to aid compaction, moisten the base. Use the tamper to pack the base until it’s firm. Next, add another inch of paver base and level it.
Step #4 – On top of the paver base, place thirteen homestead stones that are lying tightly against each other. With the help of the rubber mallet, level each block with the one that you have previously placed.
Step #5 – Now it’s time to lay the second layer of homestead stones. What you must do is to place the center of the block inline of the second row with the joint of the blocks on the first row.
Step #6 – Attach the layers of homestead stone together with the help of concrete adhesive for them to not budge from their place when you’re using the pit.
Step #7 – Lay the third layer by following the same procedure that you followed for the second layer. Don’t skip on the concrete adhesive!
Step #8 – When you’re done with setting the stones, insert the fire ring at the center of the construction.
Step #9 – When the cure time for the concrete adhesive passes, pour the lava rock inside the pit until it reaches the bottom of the fire ring, being at the same level with it.