Chopard Happy Diamonds Heart 3 Floating Diamond Set


The Swiss are renowned world-wide for their craftsmanship and accuracy in the manufacture of watches of the highest quality and preciseness of telling time. With brands like Rolex, Omega, Chopard, Brequet, Tissot and many others, it’s no wonder their products are among the most coveted. The brand we’ll be discussing today is Chopard, a high-end manufacturer of jewelry, luxury watches and other accessories. In fact, when it comes to precious women’s jewelry, Chopard is one of the most influential brands. Dating back to 1860, the founder, Louis-Ulysse Chopard focused on watches, mainly chronometers and pocket watches, only to subsequently expand his area of interest towards jewelry.

One of their latest collections is the Chopard Happy Diamonds Heart 3 Floating Diamond Set which includes earrings, necklaces, rings and others. One of the most endearing pieces from the Chopard Happy Diamonds Heart 3 Floating Diamond Set is the white earring pair. Shaped like hollow hearts, these earrings are set in white gold with an overlay of clear, round-shaped diamonds; what makes them special are the three diamonds found inside each heart, because they are not welded to the rest of the piece, but are rather mobile and free to move and sparkle. Any piece of diamond earrings can be considered precious women’s jewelry, yet what we adore about these earrings is their lovely shape.

This unique and stupendous idea comes directly from the founder, Louis-Ulysse Chopard, who dreamed of an environment where diamonds are free to move and capture the light. Earrings like those from the Chopard Happy Diamonds Heart 3 Floating Diamond Set can cost up to $12,000, whereas a ring is no less than $8,000 or $10,000. Speaking of rings, one that could really match our earrings is found in the collection. It too is made from white gold and its delicate arms hold together a shallow heart with white diamond overlay, just like the earrings. The same fancy design with three floating diamonds is present here.

For more conservative ladies, the Chopard Happy Diamonds Heart 3 Floating Diamond Set also offers yellow gold jewelry pieces, like the yellow gold ring adorned with a smaller shallow heart with clear diamond overlay and with just one mobile diamond. As for necklaces from this collection, they too imitate the mobile diamond technique. Such is the Rose Gold Pendant Necklace, made from rose gold with tiny diamonds and a bigger floating diamond. Other Chopard collections that use the mobile diamond design may be round-shaped, or elephant-shaped in white, yellow or rose gold. Though quite expensive, Chopard jewelry has a sort of timelessness about it and a kind of romantic melancholy that reminds one of a fin de siècle spirit.

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