Common Mistakes Made by Stand up Paddle Boarders

Common Mistakes Made by Stand up Paddle Boarders

Everybody makes mistakes, especially, when we are trying to do something new. Stand up paddle boarding shouldn’t be different, and we all know that it’s a bit difficult to perform this type of sport. The main rule is to pick a good paddle board and analyzing stand up paddleboards reviews might come in handy in choosing the one that will match your skills and needs. In the following lines, we will teach you more about the most common mistakes made by stand up paddle boarders.

Staring down at the board

Usually, when we learn something new, whether it’s learning to dance, to cycle or to SUP, we all have the tendency to look down at our feet. Learning to SUP may be quite difficult because you should maintain your balance on the board. Firstly, you should learn to stand up on the paddle board. As such, it’s recommended to relax your legs and feel the board with your feet. The idea of this activity is to maintain your equilibrium on an item which floats on water.

Standing backward on the board

It’s good to know that if you will stay in the middle of the board and you will choose a spot off on the horizon to set your gaze, you can have a more equilibrium. This position will bring you more relaxation and a better balance. You can find SUP boards in various shapes and sizes, but the most recreational rental boards are oval-shaped and long. In fact, the idea is to avoid positioning your body in front of the board or to back, because you will lose your balance. Furthermore, if you are thinking about buying a paddle board you should choose one with bungees on the front to keep all your things.

Paddling downwind first

Paddling downwind first is a mistake that most people do because the half of your paddling experience will be easy and relaxing, while the second half will become too challenging. Moreover, your board should always be pointed into the wind first, because if your body will be tired, you can turn around and let the wind blow you back to where you started.

Choosing a windy day to try SUP for the first time

Standup Paddling is an activity for which the weather conditions matter a lot. Actually, to perform this sport you need a calm and peaceful day out on the water. Those breezy days can provide you only with a frustrating experience because the windy conditions can create more chop on the water surface. This way will be harder for you to maintain your balance on the board.