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Dukan diet

Dukan diet

Lately, everyone seems to be interested in finding out the best dietary regimes that should help them stay in shape. It is useless to point out that obesity affects more than ever people these days as you probably know that already. The factors that lead to obesity are endless from wrong diets that include cutting meals and eating junk and fast foods to different metabolism disorders. In addition, even the foods we get from different market stores seem to contain different preservatives and artificially made colors that are affecting our overall health and metabolism. However, even if the alternatives we have in healthier foods like organic vegetables and legumes carry higher prices you should know they worth every single penny as they mean a lot more in terms of gaining more health.

Among other eating plans that aim to help people gain health and lose weight we should definitely mention the Dukan diet.

The first thing you should find out of is that this diet has been created by a French doctor named Pierre Dukan. This diet has been gaining popularity over three decades now and it became even more popular after publishing a book that describes in details the steps people should follow in this eating plan. The book came out in the first year of our century. Moreover, you need to know that this diet rapidly gained new territories by publishing its book in more than 30 countries.

The Dukan diet surpasses a mistake many people do in trying to lose weight and which is given by skipping meals and eating less in order to get rid of extra pounds. It also tries to make people aware of the fact that eating less on a regular daily basis could turn into gaining more pounds than ever when getting back to a full meal regime.

This eating plan has been compared to the diet proposed by the American nutritionist and physician Robert Atkins. His diet is basically all about teaching people how to control carbohydrates in removing starch and sugar from their foods and eating more proteins and fats that should be turned into energy.

However, the Dukan diet gives more options in the foods to be eaten as it gives people a green light for about one hundred sorts of foods. And this diet is not at all vegetarian as it includes many different foods from vegetables, legumes to red and white meat. As this is a high protein diet that includes four phases to complete the changes after the diet should last more than the results other diets have a while after finishing it.