Pop music

The pop music can be referred to as a complex singing process in which the song lyrics are being written only by the best songwriters, the videos are carefully planned and shot and the pop singers in order to create more artistic effect to their songs are also giving impressive stage live performances that add to the commercial purpose of a well done singing job.

Ethiopian music

Among other features of the Ethiopian music we can mention the usage of some traditional string instruments that musicians like to have in producing different kinds of sounds to enhance the overall acoustics and for the contemporary music of Ethiopians we can emphasize the electronic music they are using for a higher quality performance in singing.

Hip hop music

If you are a fan of hip-hop music you should know this music style is very appreciated by people and especially by teenagers who find in this music’ lyrics an echo of their problems that include life misery, broken-heart and love deceptions that the hip hop singers are experiencing and communicating through their music as well.

Piano music

The piano music is a great way to start or end the day because it means a lot in terms of generating feelings of calmness and happiness and bringing more comfort and relaxation to our minds and implicitly to all our body functions which help more than anything in overcoming the stress and trouble we use to accumulate during a busy day.

Rock music

There are many music styles you can choose from today and if you are a fan of rock music you should know this music style was prior termed as rock and roll and its origins can be placed back in the 50s and mostly the messages this music transmits refer to the theme of romance and love or to the desire to break the norms and rules of the society.