Arrested Development

Arrested Development was a sitcom that followed the adventures and shenanigans of a wealthy American family that loses almost everything due to poor investments and scam businesses; comedy ensues when they are faced with living like normal, middle-class people and must learn to deal with material, everyday problems.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad tells the tragic story of failed chemist, presently high school chemistry teacher Walter White who, when diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, decides to enter the drug business, more precisely the making of methamphetamine using his knowledge, in order to gather some money for his family in case he dies.

Game of Thrones

Currently preparing for its third season, television series Game of Thrones will reportedly consist of five or six seasons, depending on the number of books that will appear; featuring a grand budget, the story follows characters in a fantastical land of Westeros and its kings’ and princes’ battles for the Iron Throne which rules them all.

Prison Break

Prison Break is an American television drama, thriller and action series created by Paul Scheuring and broadcasted by Fox Broadcasting Company from 2005 to 2009, for four seasons consisting of 81 episodes in total, not counting spin-offs, webisodes, final feature and other related products.

Planet Earth

Distributed in more than 130 countries, Planet Earth was a great success worldwide, thanks to its detailed presentation of different habitats and biomes on our planet, as well as for the featuring of never before seen on television footage of places and animals, like the premiere view inside Lechuguilla Cave from New Mexico.