Famous women


If we should talk about the famous women of today, we will have a lot of things to discuss about as we are given many strong, independent and smart women these days that are turning into real icons for the teenagers and average women. The reason some women are so popular among other women is that somehow they manage to make some great careers in a certain field that usually targets the industry of movies or fashion. But we can not talk about such women without mentioning their beauty and the way they choose to look stunning no matter the occasion. We usually find out more about our celebrities from different magazines, tabloids and sites that are after them and that want to show the public every detail of their makeup or piece of clothing. And since they are the iconic women of our times there is no wonder the other women are dying to imitate them and this way to attract men.

Moreover, there are many fashion trends that are gaining in popularity thanks to some stars that are promoting different modern clothes and accessories of some fashion designers. And it is a very clever marketing strategy to choose a famous woman to promote a purse or a fragrance these days as this way the business is getting its products for sure in top selling. And if we should give an example from the list of famous women of fashion that make a difference in selling different fashion items we should definitely mention Adriana Lima. She is a Brazilian model who also deals with acting. She is currently involved in promoting one of the world’ most famous fabrics of cosmetics and she is also renowned as being part of the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Being a model, she meets all the requirements in heights and perfect female proportions that average women just dream about. There is no wonder many consider Adriana Lima to be the perfect female model. And since we need more in terms of names of famous women that are iconic today we could not pass forward without mentioning the name of Angelina Jolie. The strong presence of this actress seems to radiate from within and she meets also all the expectations in beauty an attractive woman should have. Her perfect facial features have been the subject of many tricks used in makeup in order to make other women’ eyes look like hers and also of making lips appear larger and fuller. Another seductive woman who, despite her age, still looks fabulous is Madonna who tried to make her appearance resembling strongly to another famous woman who was Marilyn Monroe.

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