Gin drinks

The Gin drinks represent alcoholic beverages, which are fruit flavored with juniper or they can carry other different flavors like aromas of cinnamon, lemon or orange peel, angelica seed and root, wild plums and coriander and among the most popular Gin cocktails we should mention the followings: Gin and Tonic, Martini, White Lady, Gimlet and Gibson.

Grasshopper drink

If you want to find out more about the ingredients that are making the Grasshopper drink you should know that typically, this alcoholic drink contains equally divided parts of crème de menthe, fresh cream and crème de cacao that are put together with crushed ice cubes and right after strongly shaken to create a smooth mixture.

Manhattan Drink

Among other exquisite cocktails, the Manhattan drink has its special place and the best way to get the idea about how this cocktail is prepared is to follow the steps a professional bartender from a Manhattan lounge is taking in preparing it along with keeping in mind that this drink is all about high quality and properly balanced ingredients.

Kamikaze drink

If you feel you should know more about the Kamikaze drink, then you should find out that typically this cocktail consists of equally divided parts of triple sec, vodka and lime juice and it is usually served straight up and without ice since the ice is being mixed together with the other ingredients that go into the shaker and that are making the tasty mixture.

Non alcoholic drinks

The non alcoholic drinks seem to occupy a leading position in the industry of beverages, and there is no wonder since they address to a wider public than the alcoholic drinks from the youth to the old and inclusively to persons that are diabetic or need to follow a certain medical prescription or that have to use a car on a daily basis.

Amaretto drinks

Amaretto is an Italian alcoholic drink which is made of almonds or apricot pits and sometimes both of them in giving a richer taste to the drink and it is renowned for making some fine Amaretto drinks like cocktails such as the Godfather, the Godmother, Cuban Breeze, Lounge Lizard and different coffees and teas.