Golden retriever

Golden retriever

If you are fond to dogs, then you know for sure that these pets can be best friends of humans. Nothing could be compared to the way your dog looks at you when you are sad and you need some extra attention from everyone around you. And when it comes to playing they are always ready to play whatever game you pick for them. They never complain and they seem to be always there for you no matter if you want to sit on a comfortable couch and relax for a little or go outdoors and play with the ball.

If you need to purchase a puppy and you don’t know what breed to pick, then maybe you should take your time in reading a few interesting things about the Golden retriever. The Retriever dog breeds are amongst the most intelligent and easy to train breeds and the Golden Retriever is no exception.

You should know this breed is not less popular than others. And you should also find out that the Golden retrievers are dogs with very friendly personalities and they happen to like to be good companions even to other animals. So, if you have a kitty inside the house, you need not to worry about having a dog that messes everything around simply because he can’t stand a cat around. Moreover, the Golden retriever is a dog with no destructive behavior. You should know that there are plenty of breeds that give people dogs that are too demanding and in some cases they come even to be aggressive. None of these things you will come across in picking this dog breed.

If there is something the Golden retrievers like to do best is to play and if you are that kind of person that likes practicing different sports that involve regular movements you will be amazed to find out that your dog will accompany you no matter the sport activity you like to practice. You should know that these dogs are very clever and they can be fitted to accomplish different tasks from being guide dogs for the ones with different disabilities to detecting drugs and even rescuing persons after some unfortunate calamities happening. If you like hunting, you should know that with a Golden retriever by your side you will have no worries about getting to your feet whatever you are hunting. Most dog breeds enjoy spending time with their masters, but the Golden Retriever is a trustworthy companion which will have no problems adjusting to your personality and understanding your needs.

In order to find out more about this breed you might need to search the websites for more information regarding the training of these dogs along with the diet they should follow in order to avoid getting to some diseases that seem to affect the Golden retrievers that stay for too much locked in the house and lead unhealthy diets.

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