How to Choose a Hosted Parse Solution

How to Choose a Hosted Parse Solution

For those of you who are not familiar with Parse, here is a short intro. Modern apps need to store data to interact with other internet services. This data includes user accounts, documents, shared content and much more. All this data must be stored on a web server, and configured by developers according to each customer’s need. Parse was a backend as a service provider that made things easier for all app developers, but unfortunately it was shut down, forcing developers to migrate to other solutions. So, if you are planning on developing an app or you want to migrate your app to a new hosted parse solution, here are a few guidelines that you should follow to choose a quality solution:

Server Performance

Each app has different needs, so make sure your chosen solution will deliver quality hosting that matches the scale of your app. A quality platform should be hosted on AWS and it should support different features such as query optimizers, smart database index, auto-scaling, redundant storage capacity and much more.

Featured Parse Server

A quality hosted parse solution should deliver features that ease and improve backend development. For a quality app you need a solution that allows you to push notifications, add your custom code with cloud services, use automatic E-mails, social logins, CLI, cron jobs and real time database. Each of these features should be easy to integrate and they shouldn’t require more than a few lines of code. For example, you should be able to easily connect your users from social networks with a few code lines, and the parse server should take care of linking the accounts across networks and other daunting tasks such as security tasks or resetting passwords.

Cross Platform

If you like to toy around with different platforms, choose a Parse server that supports cross platform development, from mobile apps, to desktop apps and even internet connected appliances.
A quality parse solution should offer dozens of native SDKs for you to choose from.

Quality support

Make sure that the solution you choose provides you with all the documentation that you need for this migration process, from project examples, to complex documentation, cloud code integration and much more. Moreover, real support from an engineering team is essential for a good collaboration.

Flexible service packages

Depending on the scale of your app, it is best to choose personalized service package. A quality platform should offer you the possibility to choose from different types of packages, from free to shared and dedicated. For expensive services, require a free trial.