Is SEO ranking affected by server location?

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SEO is an online marketing technique that ensures a website optimal visibility. This technique works by anticipating different filters that consumers use for searching certain information on the internet. Search engines rate websites according to their content. However stuffing a page with an excessive amount of keywords will not generate a high rank. On the contrary, using such maneuvers will decrease a website’s rank and it can even get it banned from search engines. Keywords alone do not ensure the best exposure. There are a lot of factors that a search engine takes into account when ranking a website therefore any respected webmaster should do some thorough research in order to fully understand this process. Therefore one can’t help but wonder about the following dilemma: Is SEO ranking affected by server location?

When running a local business local, exposure is essential. That fact is well understood by search engines. Therefore if your server’s IP location is in a certain country the search engine will assume that your business operates in that country and therefore your website will be more visible to the local internet users. However the internet is a channel that is supposed to unite users around the world in a global community. Therefore your website will still be visible around the globe but it will not have maximal exposure in all countries. It is a mistake to ignore the following question: Is SEO ranking affected by server location? Before building a website it is important to understand all these aspects because they will impact on your business’ success.

The hosting server is not the only factor that determines the location of a website. The first and most important factor that a search engine analyzes is the domain name. Therefore if you have a domain name specific to a certain country then the search engine will rank you higher in that country’s searches. If you want global visibility it is highly recommended that you use a .com domain. There are also a lot of other factors that affect your SEO ranking. It is possible to inform a search engine that your site is relevant to a certain country or region. In order to provide quality services search engines try to give their users high quality services therefore they will take into account your suggestions. So the answer to the question “Is SEO ranking affected by server location” is definitely yes. However, if you want optimal exposure there are other things that need to be taken into account. SEO strategies are complex but they are the best online marketing tools.

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