Laser or GPS Rangefinder-Which One to Choose?

Laser or GPS Rangefinder-Which One to Choose?

Golf is surely a very beautiful sport that needs lots of work in order to be played properly. However, the good news is that these days you can find in the specific shops some clever devices that can help you improve your game in the future. Golf rangefinders are the most popular units, which most golfers go for. Laser or GPS rangefinder- which one to choose? If you are confused, then by reading the following information about each model, you will definitely make the right choice for you.

Laser rangefinders

The main reason why increasingly more people choose these devices nowadays is because they are extremely accurate. Once you use a unit like this, you will certainly manage to highly improve your game. Another pro is that the best golf laser rangefinder can be used anywhere and you can practically use them at every course on the planet without actually worrying about downloading the map in advance. Moreover, they are also great on the range. You will be able to verify that the flag you are knocking down is actually 150 yards away and not 142. The only disadvantage of these clever devices is the cost. They can cost quite a lot and due to this reason, people tend to choose the other type. However, if you really want to play like a professional, it is highly recommended to invest in a high-quality item.

GPS rangefinders

The biggest thing in favor of these units is without a doubt the cost. There are dozens of golf GPS apps available for any smartphone, and many of them are free. Standalone GPS units can cost as little as $100. Another wonderful thing that makes GPS devices very attractive is the wide array of forms that it takes. You can easily and quickly get your yardages on your phone, on a watch, or on a handheld unit. Therefore, you have the possibility to choose whatever is fast enough and most convenient for you. Take into consideration the fact that a full-featured GPS rangefinder will provide all the necessary information on the course, so that you can highly improve your game. A GPS will give you the distance to bunkers and water as well, and it will surely show you the hazards you can’t actually see. You will also know exactly what size and shape the green has. These are the pros of these units. There are also some cons. For example, there are many users who complain about the accuracy of these units. Furthermore, GPS units can be used only at those courses that the company has mapped.