Making London Your Home An adventure

Many ambitious people come to London to advance their careers and establish themselves. If you’re one of them and have already been living here for some years there’s no need for me to sing the praises of one of the greatest cities the world has to offer.  But I’m going to do it anyway. Reasons to live in London They […]

Remove stress from your life for good

  It seems that just about everyone is stressed out and down in the dumps. What is up with all the stress, anxiety, and depression? Modern culture, together with social, environmental, and community changes have impaired people’s ability to function. Stress, in particular, has become something of an epidemic. More and more prescriptions are written for Xanax and Ativan, which […]

Ways to get out and volunteer this new year

  Although the New Year is past gone and we are almost in February, this doesn’t mean that you cannot start doing something new this year. Something for your community, something for the less fortunate and something that will fulfil you on a whole new level. We’re speaking about volunteering and you can start doing it anytime, without restrictions to […]

How E-Cigs Can Change a Smoker’s Life

E-cigs were introduced on the market in 2004 and ever since then, they have constantly grown in popularity, reaching one billion users in 10 years. According to a 2015 survey, 50% of smokers also used e-cigs at least once and all data shows that vaping turned from a novelty concept into a multi-million-dollar business with incredible mass appeal. In the […]

The ins and outs of astrology – is it a useful practice?

Making life changes, taking important decisions, coping with difficult challenges and crisis situations can seem impossible sometimes, and this is when some people choose to resort to the help of astrologer. Regardless of what sector of your life might be bringing you unhappiness, using astrology for guidance can be an extremely wise decision to make. In order to take advantage […]

Three alternative career paths for pharmacy graduates

Everybody talks about the crisis in the pharmaceutical industry that has installed several years ago. The lack of vacant job positions and the lack of financial resources have affected the industry from all over the world. Competition is quite harsh in this field and pharmacy graduates agree that it is quite difficult to find the right job for them. The […]

The Biggest Wedding Planning Don’ts

There’s no need to sugar coat it: before stepping down the aisle and uniting destinies with your loved one, you will have to go through some stressful days and let out your inner organiser. It’s not a job that anyone is cut out to do, but it is necessary and you have to deal with it calmly and methodically, without […]

The most popular elements of Indian culture in fashion

Even though it might sometimes seem superficial or mundane, fashion is actually a culturally-charged topic and if we look at fashion shows beyond the entertainment perspective, we’ll see that designers touch interesting cultural points whenever they come out with yet another line of clothes. In fact, fashion is a cultural exchange. We use it to show our individual or collective […]