The Biggest Wedding Planning Don’ts

There’s no need to sugar coat it: before stepping down the aisle and uniting destinies with your loved one, you will have to go through some stressful days and let out your inner organiser. It’s not a job that anyone is cut out to do, but it is necessary and you have to deal with it calmly and methodically, without […]

Wedding Cakes

While many couples today opt for custom-made and designer brand wedding cakes that represent something they like or are passionate about, those who can’t afford it can choose to replace the wedding cake with cupcakes, which are just as tasty and can be decorated just as fantastically while also being cheaper and easier to consume.

Wedding Hairstyles

Nowadays brides can choose among numerous wedding hairstyles depending on the type of women they are, on the types of dresses they wear, on the length and color of their hair and others, and they can complete them with stone-cast tiaras, ornate bobby pins, flowery hairpins or even natural flowers if the occasion permits it.

Wedding Checklist

Anyone can organize a wedding if they have the patience for it, thanks to the useful wedding checklist which helps make sure you won’t forget anything important like choosing and reserving a venue, hiring a florist, looking for a caterer and establishing a menu, making and sending invitations, dressing bridesmaids and so on.

Wedding Planning Checklist

Having a wedding planning checklist is a great option for those who can’t a afford a wedding planner, because it will help you get everything organized in time and you’ll be sure you won’t forget to tend to anything starting from venues, caterers, florists, musicians or DJs, clothes, invitations and so on.

Writing Up Your Own Wedding Vows

Many couples opt for the traditional wedding vows that are said during the religious ceremony, but nowadays you could also opt for writing your own vows that you feel express your feelings better, or you can recite a favorite poem, a love song that unites you or a quote from a book that expresses your feelings.

Wedding Songs

Choosing the wedding songs is a very important part of organizing a wedding, but it is also a very difficult task, because, while searching for music you like, you have to also think of pleasing the guests and setting up moments for dancing, for when you eat, or for any special moment that the bride and groom have prepared.