Michele della Valle Ruby and Diamond Bib Necklace


Italy has got us accustomed with offering some of the best jewelry designers for a long time now, with brands such as Bulgari, Damiani, Buccellati, Favero and many others. Michele della Valle is no exception, as this Rome-born jewel designer has been creating special jewelry since the age of sixteen. His jewelry is known for being bold in both color and design, most famous being his titanium-based brooches covered in precious stones like rubies and diamonds. Another caprice for which della Valle is reputed is this mix of gold with zirconium or titanium in order to make his jewelry lighter and thus more comfortable to wear. This is especially necessary for della Valle’s jewelry because he likes making bigger, bulkier pieces.

Such a piece is the impressive Michele della Valle Ruby and Diamond Bib Necklace, famous for its eye-catching redness. The necklace is simple enough, describing an almost round shape, with thick but straight edges making it look, just like the name suggests, like a bib. What’s so amazing about the Michele della Valle Ruby and Diamond Bib Necklace is that it is entirely covered in small, fantasy-shaped rubies and round-shaped diamonds scattered here and there. All this is mounted in 18-karat gold and prices range somewhere between $50,000 and $75,000.

As you may have gathered, this is a very expensive piece of jewelry, but it is an investment, a collectible whose value can only increase if maintained intact. It is very elegant, so one can only wear it at elegant, formal events or at red-carpet events, along with sensual, designer brand dresses and accessories. The Michele della Valle Ruby and Diamond Bib Necklace, along with other jewelry from this collection are very impressive through their design, but especially through the use of colorful gems. Like the Pink Sapphire and Diamond Earclips or the Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet, all accessories from Michele della Valle speak to a certain kind of woman, a confident woman with her own sense of style and strong personality.

So if you are that type of woman, Michele della Valle Ruby and Diamond Bib Necklace and other pieces of jewelry from this designer will be just what you are looking for. You will find earrings, rings, necklaces, brooches, bangles and bracelets and much more, all with the same daring attitude that della Valle has got us accustomed with.

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