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Mold growth – why it happens and how to stop it

Mold growth – why it happens and how to stop it


The biggest mistake many homeowners make is that they underestimate the negative effects that mold can have. Besides causing structural damage to the house, these small, yet extremely dangerous spores can also have huge negative impact on the health of the inhabitants of that house. It may take a while until mold becomes visible, but it may have already installed in your house for a long period. This is the reason why experts in the field strongly suggest homeowners to resort to mold inspection Toronto services at least once in six months. The article below will reveal you why and when mold appears, as well as related solutions to prevent it from affecting your house and lifestyle.

High levels of humidity

Most of the times, the cause of mold growth is high humidity level. If you live in a country or a region where the weather is usually very humid, such as by the coast, or it rains a lot, there are chances you will have to deal with mold spores at least once in your life. If it rains for several days in a row, expect to see mold growing on benches, walls and other surfaces due to the wet air. Humidity level inside the house can also increase if you usually dry clothes indoors on stands or clothes lines or due to the household HVAC system (when artificially cooling or heating the air indoors).

Solution: For start, it is best to avoid drying clothes indoors. Ensure that you house is well ventilated, in order to eliminate the risk of increased humidity level. Steam created when showering or cooking can be quite dangerous, leading to increased humidity. A very simple method to bring humidity level to its normal rate is to wide open the windows. You should also consider purchasing some dehumidifiers and place them in each room of the house.


If you have a leaking pipe in your house, it is a clear sign that mold will start growing soon, if the pipe is not replaced or repaired immediately. According to experts, leaking water pipes are among the most popular causes of mold appearance and the worst leaks are those that go undetected for a very long time due to the fact that they are hidden inside walls, out of view. By the time those leaking pipes are discovered, mold has started to make its way through already.

The same goes for leaks in the roof of the house too. A roof that leaks into the attic isn’t usually discovered until very late, when mold has already started growing.

Solution: It is essential that every once in a few months you do a thorough check of your house, where you include the basement and the attic as well. Placing your ear on the walls and listening to see whether or not you hear any leaking pipes is not going to make you look “mad”, but more likely you will be considered a “precautious” homeowner. To obtain the best results, it is recommended you resort to the services of one of the best mold testing companies operating in your region.


When flooding happens, there are high chances that mold spores install in only a day or two after the unfortunate incident. The basement is the first place affected by the flood, and at the same time is the first place you should check for mold.

Solution: In case your house has been in a flood, the best thing to do right away is to call a team of professional flood and mold clean up experts. You may be tempted to try and clean the basement yourself, but this will take you a lot more time, not to mention that you won’t be able to clean the place the same way those experts do. They come fully equipped and know exactly what to do to get that water out of your house fast and easy. Also, they will use various tools to dry the place out faster, in order for you and your family to come back into the house safely and as soon as possible.

In what way can mold affect my health after all?

What many people don’t understand is that mold can cause serious health problems if it is not removed in due time. According to experts, mold spores can cause respiratory problems, coughing, sneezing, eye redness and itching and they can also aggravate old respiratory problems, which may result into asthma. It is strongly recommended to avoid leaving in a house where mold has already installed.

When should I hire mold testing companies?

Mold testing companies are usually called whenever something bad happens, such as flooded houses, or when homeowners have to deal with leaking pipes, leaking roofs or high humidity level in the house.

However, you should know that mold testing companies can be hired in other not-so-unfortunate situations too. For instance, if you have just bought a house and you are about to move in soon, before you do that it is advisable you contact a team of mold testing experts and have the house tested for mold, just to be sure. You will never know how the previous owners of the house behaved and maintained the property, so it is best that you do a thorough check before you relocate.

Also, when you decide to sell your house, you should consider calling a mold testing company. If you prove that your house is mold-free, you can ask for a higher selling price.

Mold isn’t something to ignore. Those tiny spores can do more harm to you and your family’s health than you could ever imagine. In order to prevent any unpleasant health issues from occurring, you should search for the best mold testing and removal company in your region. Checking your house for mold twice a year is the best protection against unfortunate events. In order to ensure you went with the best company in the field, you can read some testimonials of previous clients or ask some of your acquaintances who resorted to the services of a similar company in the past to recommend you someone.