Neat ideas to turn your garage into a living space

Neat ideas to turn your garage into a living space

If you have a small house and you feel like there is not enough living space, then maybe you should start considering rearranging your garage. Most families have transformed this area into a storage space that they use for things they rarely need, such as old furniture, toys or winter decorations. Of course, this comes very in handy, especially since many families are typically hoarders, but one can get so much more out of a garage if turned into a living space, without having to compromise on storage. All one needs is the right type of shelving and storage units. Turning your garage into a living space is extremely practical, especially if you have an attached garage – for a detached one, the best thing you can do is transform it into a working space or home office. Other suggestions that may work would be creating a space for your guests or building an additional kitchen or a winter garden. If you have decided to start the remodelling project for your garage, then you will have to make a definite plan to ensure the results are actually what you wanted. There are many aspects to take into consideration, such as adjusting the entrance door, using some garage shelving ideas or choosing appropriate furniture, so take your time to think about everything. Here are some tips you should follow, if you want everything go to smoothly:

Plan each stage of the renovation

The first thing you should do is establish the purpose of the resulting room, so decide whether you want it to be an entertainment, guess room or kitchen. Think about the big picture, keep in mind the final result and make a list of all the things you have to do, then respect it diligently. This is the ideal manner through which you will succeed, no matter what you do. If you think that the task of transforming your garage into a living space is too difficult, just write down, chronologically, all the things you have to do – everything will become much easier.


Make a budget and start buying the materials

Establishing a budget in advance will also help you get a better final result. You have to decide what type of interior you want, because this will help you know exactly which materials and decorations you have to buy. A kitchen, for instance, will need to be completely equipped, while if you are planning to create an entertainment room, then you probably already own all the equipment you are going to store in the garage. Furthermore, a guest room will have to be extremely comfortable, so keep in mind that you will have to invest in some new pieces of furniture. Of course, you can also use the items you already have around the house, but you will definitely have to purchase some more.


Prepare the garage

If you are currently using this space only for par parking, then there is no big deal that some water leaks in when it rains. But if you are going to make it a living space, then you have to check and prepare it: make sure the roof and floors are in good condition, the door closes properly and the supply systems are working. You may need to add some plumbing and repair certain things, so start looking for contractors as soon as possible.