Personal Area Network


When it comes to the scientific and technological advances of today, we can all agree to the fact that we are spoiled with various innovations that definitely change our lives for the better, these days. The Internet is one of the best examples one can find, when discussing about the innovations the most brilliant minds of our contemporary times have came up with. It is no secret that the innumerable gadgets and Internet technologies available in the marketplace today can really make a difference in education, business and even in matter of entertaining and distraction. Anyway, the Internet can now be accessed on other devices and tools than the traditional computer or PC, which people have been accustomed to use all along, when connecting to the Internet. If you want to find out more about this issue, stick close and read on, as in what follows we will tell you more about what personal area network is.

To begin with, you should know that a personal area network is a computer network used for transferring data or communicating between computerized devices. Generally, the term is also used to describe a computer network which can cover a range of 10 meters around a person, who needs to use at least two computerized devices in order to transfer data between them. A PAN – which is the acronym for personal area network-, is needed when using various gadgets, smart phones, laptops and personal digital assistants. An important thing you should know is that people can use this type of connectivity either to enable the communication between personal devices, or to connect to the Internet. You have surely used such networks, when transferring emails, files, music, or photos from one telephone to another or from your computer to the telephone and vice-versa.

Another important thing you should hear about, unless you already know it, is that PANs can involve cables or wireless systems. Typically, wired personal area networks require USB and FireWire tools, whilst wireless personal area networks involve using Bluetooth and infrared connections. A PAN involving Bluetooth connection is also termed as “piconet”. Lately, the Bluetooth personal area network seems to be more popular than the other types of PANs that people can also use, when transferring data among personal devices. A Bluetooth permits the users to connect their PDAs, MP3 players, telephones and any other digital devices which support this function, to communicate between them. If you want to find out more about this subject, you can also browse the Internet and visit various specialized sites.

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