Pros and Cons of Different Types of Garage Door Openers

If you are facing problems while opening the garage door, it is time for you to invest in a garage door opener. With a garage door opener you won’t have to consume a lot of energy to open it, because it does all the hard work for you. The most important thing that you have to know regarding garage door openers is the fact that they come in 3 types: screw, chain and belt drive and each of these systems perform differently. Here are some of the pros and cons of garage door openers.

Screw drive

The screw drive garage door opener rotates a threaded steel rod moving a trolley that closes or opens the garage door. It’s very important to mention that the screw drive system doesn’t have the same pulling and pushing forces of the chain or belt drive, so this type of garage door opener is more suitable for a small garage door and nor for the heavy duty wooden or metallic doors. The screw drive is very easy to use so it’s the perfect choice for people who are not willing to do a lot of maintenance work. However, it also comes with some disadvantages. According to most garage door opener reviews, the main drawback of using a screw drive garage door opener is the fact that it can be very noisy. Actually it’s more noisy than any other type of garage door opener. Other than that, it’s also very sensitive to temperature fluctuations, making it not very durable.

Chain Drive

The chain drive is said to be the classic type of garage door opener and also the most popular choice. The main advantage of opting for a chain drive garage door opener is the fact that it’s more economical than the screw drive or belt drive. The chain drive simply runs the door along a track with a chain that pulls and pushes the trolley. Because of that, chain drive units can be loud sometimes and cause vibrations. If you have your living room or bedroom near a garage, the noise can disturb you but it can also be a good thing, because it may alert you when someone tries to open the garage door. Based on numerous, garage door opener reviews, chain drive openers seem to be very durable, as they tend to withstand harsh weather, so they have a longer lifespan than screw drivers, for example.

Belt Drive

Belt drive garage door openers are more expensive than the other two choice because they feature a sleek and light weighted design. Another great thing about owning a belt drive system is the fact that it has lower noise levels, so the noise generated by the device won’t interrupt your daily activities. The belt drive openers perform similar to chine drive garage door openers, only that they use a belt and not a chain. All in all, these systems come with many advantages, the only drawback consisting in the pricing.

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