Purchase a self-balancing scooter and be a modern Aladdin

Purchase a self-balancing scooter and be a modern Aladdin

You might know the story of Aladdin who was able to fly on his carpet, well now you have the opportunity to be a modern one on your self-balancing scooter. It is the new device that everyone wants, and if you have any doubt, that it is a must of the modern society, then you should know that celebrities like, Skrillex, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, had already purchased one. Therefore, you should take a look online on websites like, and see what features they have and how you can purchase one.

What is a self-balancing scooter?

Well, this is a mini version of the Segway, without handlebars, so many people might called it in this way. If you want to find more details about this device click on this link. When you look at it you can see that it shares similarities with both Segway and skateboards, so if you were passionate before on ridding the streets in a unique way, now you have the opportunity. This device has two plates underneath your feet, which can detect the pressure you apply, and it sends the impulse to the technology inside it, which acts according to your wishes. If you lean forwards, the scooter will power up its motor and you will be able to travel at 6mph. Many people call them Smart Balance Boards, because they have the ability to guess your intentions. If you plan to purchase one, you should know that they are designed with a balancing technology that features three sensors, which keep you upright and counter your weight. This smart board is very stable and it offers you the possibility to travel even backwards. The great thing about these scooters is that they are not very expensive, and according to its manufacturer’s and features, you can purchase it at a price between $300 and $1300.

What features it has?

Depending on the manufacturer, the features of a self-balancing scooter might vary, but all of them have some common characteristics. They are devices, which have the maximum speed of 6mph/12 kph, and this allows you to get rapidly from a place to another. To be able to ride this scooter you have to weigh between 20 to 129 kg, because this interval is the right at which the device will work properly. They are full charged in around 2, 5 hours, so you do not have to wait a long time before using it. Because it runs on batteries, you do not need to stop at a gas store during your ride, you only have to be sure that it is fully charged when you leave home. To be sure that your ride ends when you want you should store up some batteries. They are safe, because manufacturers equipped them with two Led lights. Self-balancing scooters are not heavy, because they have a light framework, which allows you to carry them if you need. This little device is perfect to be used in towns, because it is apt for distances from five to ten kilometers.