Relationship Questions


While people have been forming couples since the dawn of mankind, we still seem not to have quite got the hang of things. There are continuously new relationship questions and troubles to be solved, with all our best intentions at improving this aspect of our lives. The true problem lies in the fact that, as we evolve as a society and as individuals, as our perception of reality changes with every new discovery, so will the way we look at relationships. In the not so far away past, people were expected to get married – sometimes with someone their parents chose, and not themselves –, and stay that way for the rest of their lives. These were simpler times when life was seen as a great responsibility and happiness was a result of hard work.

Nowadays we don’t ask the same relationship questions because our status in society has changed, marriage is no longer a requirement in most societies and people can be in exclusive, long-term relationships without being united by a piece of paper or a priest. One can intuit how different relationship questions must have been within the context of a married couple who didn’t even consider divorce because it was something that was simply not done. In these situations, matters had to be resolved one way or another because there was no other option. Now people can consider couple counseling or divorce, or they can simply choose to break up.

However, if you are in a serious relationship, love your partner and want to solve your issues, you must be willing to make sacrifices and compromise, but only when you partner is willing to do the same. The best solution for every relationship questions is communication, but this makes room for another question, about the best way to communicate. Well, like it or not, you will have to set some ground rules. Discuss with your partner and set up a date for conversation when and where you can’t be interrupted by anything and anyone. You could even choose a public place so you’ll be compelled to keep your calm and talk politely and perhaps each of you can make a list with the topics they wish discussed and resolved. Listen to each other without interrupting and try to be open to new suggestions even though they represent a course of action you are not used to. Relationships are all about trust and compromise, so if you are not willing to offer them, it’s safe to assume you should be somewhere else.

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