Relationship Stages


Every relationship goes through several stages that define them, no matter how long they last; although each relationship you may experience during your lifetime is different, and every falling in love has its own characteristics, there are some relationship stages that we go through time and again. The first is the infatuation stage, when hormones are at maximum level, the passion is almost overwhelming and we’d do anything to just be near our loved one all the time. In this intense stage, all you see in each other are qualities, interesting features and the whole world seems to be going your way. This, of all relationship stages, rarely puts you face to face with any troubles, but the durability of your relationship will depend on what comes next.

The second of our relationship stages is the understanding stage, when the partners start to know each other, observe personality traits, express opinions and probably have long conversations. You get to know each other’s friends and family and you tell your histories and get better acquainted. The third stage is the disturbances stage because now you also start to learn about each other’s defects, stubbornness in some situations and you may even have your first serious argument. This fight is the hardest, because you realize, after all the love and bliss, that life is still the same and that even a perfect person can get on your nerves; if you get well through this, your relationship is already stronger and more intimate. It is normal to argue and disagree with your loved one, so as long as you reach an understanding there is nothing to fear.

Fourth on the list of relationship stages is the opinion making stage, when you really form an opinion about each other. You now already have enough information and you’ve spent enough time with each other to know what’s what. In the molding stage you will try – knowingly or not – to change each other to suit an ideal or a preference. You have to learn to give and to take and keep a balance between these two things. The sixth, the happy stage, is when you’re already well accustomed with each other, you know your habits in detail and you accept each other as you are. In the doubting stage you may start to question your relationship and wonder if things are going where they should. If you get through this well, you will enter the stage of sexual exploration, when you know each other’s sexual habits well and are now inclined to discover and explore new things together. Lucky couples will go on through to the ninth of the relationship stages, the stage of trust where nothing can break your friendship and love.

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