Seiko Presage 100th Anniversary Enamel Dial


There is no secret that these days, men seem to be more than ever interested in the accessories that could add to their modern and stylish look. Not only women seem to be interested in putting on only exclusive and unique accessories in order to embellish their look. And since some of the finest and most exquisite products can reflect the fine taste some people have only for what is unique and not to be found wearing on other persons, there is no wonder the limited edition accessories that newly arrive on market make all celebrities and rich people rush in buying them.

When it comes to men, the best accessory they could get is a fine watch. However, buying an exquisite and limited edition watch is not like matching a purse or a scarf with some clothing items like women do. A limited edition wristwatch is suited to any type of clothing no matter the casual or formal setting. And if you search around on different sites for the latest watch line collections, you definitely need to hear that among them is the Seiko Presage 100th Anniversary Enamel Dial watch. And to be more precise there are two of them which will be available to customers in about a few days. This is the type of watches that make for good fathers day gifts as they are elegant and timeless.

The Seiko manufacturer has come up with two models of the Seiko Presage 100th Anniversary Enamel Dial which are the Credor and the Presage. The difference between these two watch versions is mainly tied to the fact the first mentioned wristwatch comes with a time/date display while the second is available with power reserve display. The features that can be found both in these watches refer to the convex sapphire crystals, stainless-steel cases, automatic mechanical movements they perform with the function of hand-winding, the protection they get from magnetism and the water resistant feature.

These watches could be easily compared to some jewelry pieces that people like to wear in order to show off. But we can not pass over the practical use they get in showing time and helping people not being late in completing their daily tasks. So, if you are looking for good fathers day gifts, look no further and invest in a timeless accessory.

As for their reliability, there is no point to tell you that the Seiko Presage 100th Anniversary Enamel Dial watches are lasting because they are protected against different damage thanks to their resistant fabrics and protection against water.

The unique characteristics and fine design they get along with the fact they come in a limited number offerings will no doubt make them a good purchase.

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