Steps to follow after losing your car keys


It may seem weird to you that people might need advice to follow for the situation where they lose their car keys, but many individuals actually take wrong action in those cases. Misplacing or losing your car keys can be extremely frustrating, that is a known fact, especially when it happens when you are already late for work, stranded outside the city or have to go pick up your kids from school. Believe it or not, many people try to actually start the car with different keys, which is highly advised against. Others believe that the only way to get a new key would be to call the car dealer and buy a new one, but that’s just wasted money. Very few drivers acknowledge the fact that there are companies that specialize in auto locksmith services, such as, companies that can help you faster than car dealers and provide you with cheaper services as well.

To that extent, the first thing you should do after you realized you’ve lost your keys is not to try opening the doors or starting the engine with any other key, because since the arrival of transponder keys nearly 20 years ago, the immobilizer of the car will break down, ruining the ignition system as well. Look for a professional auto locksmith service right away and be sure that the company you chose is experienced and knowledgeable in the type of car you are driving. Since technology advancements permitted key shops and vehicle locksmith services to program transponder keys, many such services entered the market, as car owners looked for cheaper alternatives to buying new keys from their car dealers. However, if you want to make sure that your car is in good hands, you need to research the market thoroughly and select a company that specializes in car keys and especially transponder keys and, what’s even more, has experience in programming car keys for your car type and model. The research shouldn’t take too much of your time, as you can make great use of the Internet.

Wait for the locksmith to arrive. As said, losing your keys when you’re already late or when you’re in a hurry is utterly frustrating, but once it’s done, there is no magical quick fix that you can do, so don’t try anything until the professional locksmith gets there. Depending on where you are when that happens, some services offer very quick assistance, not exceeding a two hour wait. Regardless of the time frame they offer you, it’s better to wait for a couple of hours extra than to damage your car’s ignition system even more and having to pay for extra repairs. When it comes to car services, regardless of their type, it is always better to resort to professional services than to try do it yourself fixes of any sort. 

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