What is a web page

Nowadays, Internet is one of the most used ways of communicating and finding useful information that can easily be accessed through any computer. There’s not a secret anymore that any of them drive traffic, but have you ever wondered what a web page is? Keep on reading the lines below!

Is SEO ranking affected by server location?

Search engines try to give relevant responses to all searches. Therefore they will take into account a lot of factors before ranking a website. Is SEO ranking affected by server location? The answer to this question is ambiguous. While server location is relevant to a website’s rank, it is not the most important tool that ensures online exposure.

Windows 8 Tips

There are many Windows 8 tips which can come in handy for those who use this operating system from Microsoft for the first time; for instance, you should know that you get the chance to select a background and a color scheme, when you use Windows 8 for the first time and if you want a certain application installed on your PC or tablet, you should search in Windows Store.

Green Computing

We all know that computer manufacturers are now more interested than ever in designing monitors, storage devices, printers and various networking systems in a way that ensures more efficiency to these tools and also reduces their damaging effects on the environment; green computing is that which deals with environmentally sustainable computing.

Definition of website hosting

These days, finding the most suitable definition of website hosting may be a risky business – since there are more variants that differ from one to another, it is hard to choose the best one. Still, there is a meeting point in all of them where the definition can be stated without any interference!

How to Recover Deleted Files

If you want to know how to recover deleted files, then you should find out that generally, when you delete files, your PC’s hardware actually keeps them active, even though the space they occupied is freed, in order to make room for other files, pictures or documents to be stored on the computer; so if there’s enough memory space on your PC’ hard drive, the lost files can easily be restored.

Green Technologies

Green technologies have to do with reducing waste and toxic by products, reusing energy, working in harmony with eco-systems and using renewable energy; the term is also used to refer to certain innovations and advancements in technology like bioreactors and wind turbines that use renewable energy sources, which are said to never run out, unlike oil supplies.

Web design tips

These days, appearance is everything – and the Internet knows it pretty well, does not it? We know it does, so the key is to start fulfilling this requirement as much as possible. In this case, let’s take a look at some great web design tips to start creating a masterpiece!

Facts on Internet Safety

You should know that the Internet definitely is not a safe and secure place, where you can do whatever you like and download everything you want without getting into trouble; indeed, there are several facts on Internet safety you should hear about, prior to browsing your websites, as they can come in handy, when keeping your children away from Cyber bullying or protecting your private information.

Local Area Network

The first thing you should know about a local area network is that it refers to a computer network which interconnects two or more computers which are in close proximity to each other; generally, this type of connection has to do with the computers existing in a limited area, which refers to homes, schools, office buildings, public institutions and various organizations.

What is a Firewall?

Wondering what is a firewall? If yes, you should find out that a firewall is created to stop unauthorized access to your computer, which can cause damage to it; we all know that there are various threats on the Internet such as various viruses, worms, spyware and even hackers that represent a serious menace to our personal data, programs and businesses.