The most popular elements of Indian culture in fashion


Even though it might sometimes seem superficial or mundane, fashion is actually a culturally-charged topic and if we look at fashion shows beyond the entertainment perspective, we’ll see that designers touch interesting cultural points whenever they come out with yet another line of clothes. In fact, fashion is a cultural exchange. We use it to show our individual or collective identity, make a statement, express that we belong to a group or that we support a certain cause. Fashion is inspired from everyday life and is not tied to only one geographical location. By taking part in intercultural exchanges, we bring cultural elements from one country to another, encouraging the development of intercultural communication and cultural exchange. Australia, America and Europe seem to have a penchant for exotic cultures – those cultures that seem to clash with the Western world, but which have an irresistible appeal. India is undoubtedly one of these exotic cultures, so it’s not surprising that fashion now includes many Indian elements. Indian fashion Sydney is really popular and both people who have visited this continent and those who haven’t have openly accepted it.

One the most iconic items of clothing in Indian culture, the sari, has inspired hundreds of Australian and European designers and they created glamorous gown dresses that resembled the ethereal flow of the sari or incorporated its graphic prints on shirts and dresses. Another element that we can notice is the difference in sewing techniques: Indian-inspired apparel uses intricate sewing techniques, as well pure cotton and silk as predominant fabrics. Many people wear accessories inspired by Indian culture, although they might not realize it. Long, dangling earrings with bright red and green stones actually have Indian origin and they are an excellent way of spicing up an outfit without wearing controversial clothes. As a general rule, Indian fashion is characterized by the use of exotic patterns and special accessories, as well as by an interesting combination between exotism and mystery. Some people in Sydney wear Indian-inspired clothes simply because they like the way they look or find them flattering. However, one mustn’t forget that Sydney is home to a large Indian community that needs to have access to clothing that expresses their cultural heritage. Not just clothes that are inspired from Indian culture, but clothes that are actually Indian. This includes items such as the sari, Churidaar Kurta or Rajasthani pagari. They can usually be found in stores that are owned and operated by people from India, so they respect the cultural heritage of this country and the preferences of Indian nationals. Such stores can be found on


The presence of Indian fashion in Sydney is also interesting to analyze from an economic point of view, because it shows not only an interest in exotic apparel, but also a possibility for Indian nationals who live in Australia. People who fit in this category and want to have access to a special service sector dedicated to their cultural heritage can use specialized online portals to find the businesses they need. Whether you are looking for fashion boutiques, restaurants or accountancy firms, your search will definitely show plenty of results.



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