The Round House by Louise Erdrich

The Round House by Louise Erdrich

Nowadays, the specialized industry offers to customers many great books to read that can be included in the category of some different genres of literature. The good thing about books is that the best selling ones are turning into movies for the ones that have less time in reading books and still want to find out more about a great book through the images of a movie that takes even less hours to reach its end. If you have a hidden passion for reading books though and if this is what you like to do best in your free time, then maybe you would like to have as suggestion the reading of The Round House by Louise Erdrich.

You should know this author is very appreciated for her work in creating novel collections in the American literature. And you will see from the very beginning of reading The Round House that her writing is quite easy to follow in her novel’ pages. The themes she usually puts in her novels target the human rights and the sense for justice. Generally, she chooses to create fiction in pointing out that the legal system of a country and more specifically of the United States can fail in some situations in which neglected minorities are concerned.

The Round House by Louise Erdrich can be referred to as a crime novel. The action takes places in North Dakota where the novelist puts in stage a fictional Indian reservation. And since this writer has used her readers with depicting different situations that have to deal with the life of the Native American people, this book is not an exception. The strong sense for justice Louise Erdrich has is pursued all the way this novel and the injustice is individualized through emphasizing that white people have more rights as human beings than other people including the Indians. The action of this novel starts with presenting a day of Sunday when a little Indian boy finds his mother no where. Very soon, the boy along with his father finds out that his mother has been beaten and rapped near the round house by a white man. From now on, the writer focuses on presenting the major difference in which the Indian people are treated when it comes to making justice to them and putting aggressors to pay for their crimes over this people. The novel also presents the life of young Joe who comes to become a public prosecutor after undergoing the sorrows of his people’s life.

The Round House by Louise Erdrich is among many other great books this writer wrote about Indian life sorrows and injustice.