Three alternative career paths for pharmacy graduates

Three alternative career paths for pharmacy graduates

Everybody talks about the crisis in the pharmaceutical industry that has installed several years ago. The lack of vacant job positions and the lack of financial resources have affected the industry from all over the world. Competition is quite harsh in this field and pharmacy graduates agree that it is quite difficult to find the right job for them. The moment they start looking for UK pharmacy jobs, they become discouraged about the lack of jobs in the industry. Here are three great alternative careers for those who have graduated from the pharmacy school.

The academia

There are numerous pharmacists who have worked within pharmacies or in a science laboratory for instance and have not found any suitable job for them after some time. Some of them have made the decision to become lecturers in specialty universities. The main advantage in such situations is the fact that you have not only proper knowledge, but also experience of working in the field and knowing some of the secrets of this industry. You have the chance to share some of your experiences and prepare the young generation for what is expecting them.


Another great industry that has proven to be a great career choice for those who have graduated pharmacy schools is journalism. It is true that in the past years, many employers from this industry were looking to hire only graduates with proper journalism qualifications, but choosing someone with vast knowledge in the pharmaceutical domain is definitely a better choice. Healthcare is one of the most important issues in magazines and news and people are very interested in learning useful and reliable information about this domain. Hiring an experienced pharmacist to talk about common health issues, side effects of specific medications and drugs or what medication to take in certain situations will give the company a great advantage towards other competitors on the market. This is a great career alternative in case you cannot find pharmaceutical jobs to match your criteria.

Medical or science writing

Many people tend to claim that this suggestion is quite similar if not identical with the one mentioned above, but they could not have been any more wrong. It is true that a science writer can get involved in the journalistic side as well, but medical writing implies something else. Medical and science writing refers to interpreting data from various researches and presenting it under the shape of leaflets, books or other documentation that the patient might be interested in reading. Pharmacists have deep knowledge in this industry and they will know exactly what things will be worth talking about and what will not. The can take advantage of their years of learning spent in school and their years of experience of working in this industry and present this useful information to the large public under different documentations.

As you can see, these are only three great career opportunities for pharmacy graduates who cannot find a job in the pharmaceutical industry. Those who are interested in following this career path and actually become a pharmacist should start looking for proper jobs on one of the numerous online recruitment platforms available on the internet.