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Understanding the difference between Shared and VPS hosting

Understanding the difference between Shared and VPS hosting

The internet is the most efficient channel for sharing information. Therefore, more and more users choose this channel in order to achieve their personal goals. Whether you want to advertise your business or you just want to share your thoughts with the world, the internet is the best solution for you. However due to the increasing number of users it has become rather difficult to be visible in a sea of choices. Building a website can be a complicated process and choosing the best hosting solution is essential for your success. Understanding the difference between shared and VPS hosting is the first step you must take before creating your website. This is the foundation of a healthy website and all webmasters should get familiar with it before moving on to new technologies.

Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting solution and it is perfect for blogs and small websites. This type of service works by hosting multiple websites on a main computer. The customers are provided with a system administrator that tends to their basic needs. Furthermore they share all the available resources. This does not necessarily mean that if you ever happen to need more resources, the server will crash. Most websites use a lot less than the average resources so the system is well balanced. However if you need more resources on a regular basis this is not the optimal solution for you.

A virtual private server resembles a dedicated server but on a smaller scale. A website using such a service has its own allocated resources and it is independent from other websites. The most important advantage is that it offers more control. Furthermore when it comes to shared hosting a website’s technical difficulties can affect other websites. This problem does not exist when using VPS hosting because each customer has its own designated space and resources. This is the main difference between shared and VPS hosting.

A virtual private server ensures a constant quality. This means that a minimum amount of resources is always dedicated to each individual user. The minimum amount of resources is usually more than enough for covering the website’s needs so one mustn’t worry about the level of quality offered by the provider. This type of service is perfect from small and medium websites. It is also suitable for more qualified webmasters that enjoy having more control over a server’s resources. Having your own designated resources and properly using them can improve the quality of the website. We can therefore conclude that another main difference between shared and VPS hosting is the control that a user has over the provided resources. Shared, VPS and dedicated servers are the main hosting solutions. No doubt, new technologies will also appear, but understanding the basics is essential when working in this field.