Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are very important elements within a wedding because they represent a special moment during the reception when everyone gathers together to congratulate the newlyweds one more time. Though in the beginnings of this tradition wedding cakes were baked so that they would bring good luck to the couple and their guests, their role is more symbolical these days and they mostly stand as an entertaining moment during the reception.

The way wedding cakes are made has evolved so much that nowadays one can order absolutely any type, shape or flavor they like. Thanks to artifices such as marzipan, fondant, gum paste, butter cream, chocolate and colorants, bakers can achieve wonders with a cake. Thus, couples can opt for wedding cakes that represent them best and that speak about a common passion or something like that. For example, if both bride and groom love rock and roll they can choose to have a guitar-shaped cake which shouldn’t be difficult to make by a skilled baker.

Moreover, wedding cakes are important because they’re something that everyone at the wedding can share, like sharing in the couples’ happiness. They are also very tasty usually, so that adds to the fun of having them and eating them. Whether they’re fruit cakes, chocolate cakes, vanilla cakes or something else, wedding cakes are always welcomed. Although they can be fashioned in the most original and unique shapes and sizes, you can still opt for the traditional multi-layered wedding cakes that are more romantic. Whether round or square-shaped, ornate with flowers, bows or pearls, the wedding cakes will look spectacular.

Bolder wedding cakes in different shapes or that imitate objects will be more expensive, of course, but if you want to have special memories of your wedding day you shouldn’t be cheap with details like this. If your cake budget allows it, you can even opt for designer-made cakes, as there are some really good chefs out there nowadays that create the most wonderful and elegant cakes you’ve ever seen. However, if you can’t afford something like this you can always opt for cupcakes. This is a relatively new trend, but one that has caught on well because cupcakes too can be fashioned in numerous endearing and delicious ways and, if beautifully arranged on a layered tray they will look exactly like a normal cake. In conclusion, when you start thinking about your wedding cake don’t hesitate to let your imagination run free because anything is possible in the baking realm today.