Wedding Songs


It’s hard to say what the most important aspects when preparing a wedding are, because everything is important if you want the wedding to turn out nicely. Your wedding to do list should be consistent as it needs to include even the smallest details. You can find a lot of great wedding planning tips on Venue, food, clothing, wedding theme, all are important, but so is music because it can create a truly special atmosphere that everyone will remember. It can be very difficult to choose wedding songs, both for the ceremony and the reception, because you want them to be to your own taste, but you also want the guests to enjoy them.

If you’re having a religious ceremony there are some standard, classical wedding songs you can opt for. You can arrange to have music played while the guests are taking their seats in church, while the bride is walking towards the aisle and again when the guests are getting up and leaving the church. Classical music is always a good option, but that depends on the type of wedding you want to have. You can go for the traditional options of wedding songs that you always hear in movies or you can simply choose a song that you love. Since you’ll be in a church though, perhaps opt for something light, without strong language and bass beats. A romantic ballad or a love song that is special to the couple getting married could work very well and would give a more personal touch to the wedding. For the wedding reception those who do not wish to hire a band can always look for a DJ who is experienced with mixing music online and who can offer them a very professional experience. If you want to plan your wedding like this, make sure you start at least a year in advance, so you have time to deal with all these details.

The wedding songs at the reception are also important because you want your guests to have fun dancing. Hiring a band is a good option, but unless they play cover songs you might risk choosing a music that only you like. It’s good to have diversity at a wedding so that everyone hears a song they like and can dance to at least once. Indeed, you will have to compromise, but there are so many options for wedding songs that you’re sure to find something satisfying. If you’re planning some special dancing moments with your partner, choose a nice song and make some choreography moves that will stand as a fun moment. You could also choose some wedding songs for the cake cutting moment.

Another option to help you choose your wedding songs is to hire a DJ that specializes in weddings. He or she is sure to come with their own special selection of music or at least help you set up your own list. You can look for someone who is experienced with mixing music online, because he will surely be able to offer you a wide variety of genres. Soft, ambient music can play while the guests are eating. Having a DJ means you can schedule any special reception moments carefully and know that when something happens, the music you chose and want for that moment will play. Make sure that you familiarize the DJ or the band with the music part of your wedding to do list. You need to inform them of what songs you want to be played during all the special moments. If you want your wedding to feel like a romantic movie, than you need to have the perfect music during the most important parts of the event.

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