What is a Firewall?


These days, we can easily say that computers are part of our lives, as they represent the helpful tools we are given, when storing information like personal files, documents and programs that we need for handling different projects. Unfortunately, there are various threats on the Internet such as various viruses, worms, spyware and even hackers that represent a serious menace to our personal data and businesses. Luckily, with the technological advancements of our days, we have all kinds of solutions that come in handy, when protecting our personal files, documents and programs from malicious software and hackers.

So, wondering what is a firewall? You should know that this piece of hardware can be categorized as software that detects all sorts of threats that can get inside your computer, once you access the Internet. Still wondering what is a firewall? Well, as the name implies, a firewall is created to stop unauthorized access to your computer, which can cause damage to it. If you are currently running a business and your computer is your best ally, you should know that firewall is vital, as without this piece of hardware the Internet can turn from a source of helpful information into a source of viruses, worms and malicious programs. So, you should definitely remember this information, next time you question yourself about the importance of a firewall. Of course, your computer is put in danger, only when you access the Internet. But, since these days a computer is not the same thing without the Internet connection, it becomes obvious why we need to find out as much as possible about the means we are given, when protecting and keeping our computer’s operating system safe and secure. Anyway, another important aspect we need to mention is that the first step you should take, when protecting your computer, is to turn on your firewall. On the other hand, you should also find out that there are operating systems like Windows 7, Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista that come with built-in firewall, which is turned on by default.

Moreover, you should know that if you use more than one computer at home or at office and all computers are connected to the Internet, then you should ensure protection to each and every of your computers; this means that you should use a hardware firewall for your network’s protection and a software firewall, separately on each computer. Now, we believe that we have answered to your question on what is a firewall.

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