What types of insects does a bug zapper kill?

What types of insects does a bug zapper kill?

Flying insects are a real nuisance, especially during lazy summertime days. Cold-blooded bugs in particular thrive in the summer due to the fact that the nights are warmer. As a matter of fact, there are many insects that are active at night and it is needless to say that you and them will cross paths at some point of another. Flying insects, such as mosquitos, are not only bothersome, but also they can transmit many diseases. Insect bites should not be a normal part of your summer, but what are you to do? Well, you can buy an electrical discharge insect control system. This is a fancy term for a bug zapper, which is a device that has been used for years now to eliminate (what else?) nuisances. This tool is indeed effective, but you will find a number of insect killers on the market. Buying the right one is not at all easy, which is the reason why you should start reading reviews like those posted on electric-bug-zapper.com. However, before getting to read comprehensive evaluations, it is better to become aware of what vermin the device can actually kill.

Bug zapper does not discriminate between types of insects  

You may be tempted to think that an insect killer attracts only certain categories of bugs, but the truth is that the device does not make the difference between different types of insects. The luring strategy that is used applies to no matter what kind of pest. Some pests are attracted by light, while others are not, and this is the reason why it seems that the insect killer picks out only a few. Regardless of what pest enters the high voltage electrical wire mesh, it will be electrocuted. The point is that if you want to enjoy the sunset without having to worry about getting bitten, you should purchase this gadget as it eliminates all insect populations.

Examples of insects that will be drawn to the bug zapper

Since the invention of pesticides, nothing has been so efficient as the bug zapper. The insect killer is just one of those gadgets that really work. It has been estimated that the device is capable of eliminating thousands per night. Common examples of insects that are attracted to the insect killer are:

  • Flying bugs – The good news is that the bug zapper lures bothersome insects like mosquitos, moths and fireflies. The matter of fact is that the gadget attracts a large number of harmful flying pests.
  • Crawling insects – Once the insect killer will be plugged into the electrical outlet, it will start doing its job. In addition to flies and mosquitos, it will lure nearby crawling insects. Although it seems unlikely, ants and beetles will find their way to the light.
  • Vermin that bite or sting – Bees, flower bugs and ladybirds are a normal part of summer, but the problem is that they bite and sting. Fortunately, the gadget deals with these creatures too.

What about new models?

There is no significant difference between the old models and existing ones, only a few developments. The great improvement lies in the fact that pesticides are no longer used. Equally important is mentioning that newer devices run on batteries and consequently do not need to be placed near an electrical outlet.