Windows 8 vs. Windows 7

Windows 8 vs. Windows 7

When it comes to the operating systems our computers need, in order to permit us to access our documents, files and applications, many things can be said, and if you look around to find out more about the differences between Windows 8 and Windows 7, stick close and read on. Well, you probably know a lot about the features of Windows 7, so we will try to stick to presenting the attributes of Window 8, which is somehow a new and improved version of its predecessor. Yet, we will also follow a few specifications of Windows 8 vs. Windows 7, in order to highlight the major differences between these two operating systems from Microsoft.

Anyway, we can all agree to the fact that the new version comes with significant improvements over its predecessor, and we can also say that these upgrades are a consequence of the need people have to use operating systems on various tablets, smart phones and other related gadgets. It is no secret that these days, people can use various devices, aside from computers and laptops, in order to connect to the Internet and stay updated to the latest news their friends posted on certain social networking sites or read online magazines, when they are out in the city. Windows 8 seems to be dedicated to touch-screen devices and gadgets that people want to take with them everywhere they go. So, this aspect should be the first noticeable difference, when making the comparison of Windows 8 vs. Windows 7.

Well, in short, we can say that Windows 8 represents a simplified version of Windows 7, which gets a few all-new features though. For instance, the user interface has been changed and now the Metro-style user interface distinguishes from that we have been accustomed with in the previous version, mostly because it brings all the settings and applications in one place. Furthermore, we can not say that there’s a proper desktop in Windows 8, instead a home screen, from where one can directly access the programs. Moreover, as you may notice the icons have also disappeared from the desktop and they have been replaced by tiles. Another important characteristic of Windows 8 is that it is more pliable to social media and anything related, first of all because it allows you to transfer information and content from your PC to other gadgets like laptops, iPhones or tablets instantly, as long as they all use this operating system. For some, Windows 8 is over-simplified, but time will be the real test in showing whether this was helpful just for social media and networking, or for more practical activities as well.

Another thing you will notice in the Windows 8 vs. Windows 7 comparison is that Windows 8 comes with built-in security, which prevents worm, Trojans, viruses and other related computer threats to infect or corrupt the system. If you look around for the Start button, you should know that this feature is no longer available in Windows 8 and users have to go back to home screen, if they want to open certain programs. Windows 8 also allows for a better communication between your desktop and other devices, thus streamlining your data sharing and helping you become better organized. Lots of apps that you find useful on your smartphone can also be used on your desktop now; for instance, you can free download BBM for PC, which is a chat program, so by using it on all your devices, you make sure to always be available.