Modern Design

Modern design is one of the manifestations of Modernism, which was a rejection of old-fashioned, pre-industrial society with its narrow views, strict religions and harsh morals; modernism was like a new Enlightenment where people sought a new society and new cultural and even political expressions.

Sandro Botticelli

Having studied all over Italy with some of the best masters, Sandro Botticelli soon became a favorite of the nobles who wanted to decorate their homes and he was even commissioned by the Pope for some works at the Sistine Chapel; unfortunately, towards the end of his life the teachings of Savonarola made him deny his early works.

Home Improvement

Home improvement can be achieved with as little money as you have, as long as your imagination is limitless and you have an idea about what you’d like to do; the internet is filled with tips and advice on how to improve your home yourself, spending little money but achieving spectacular results.

DIY Home Décor

A great DIY home décor idea is to paint a portion on one of your kitchen’s walls with chalkboard black paint and use the spot to write grocery lists, announcements or chores for the family or just a silly or funny little quote of the day that will cheer you up when seeing it.


If you wonder which must be the tennis tips for beginners you should know that this game playing is not only about being skilled and knowing this sport rules and swing techniques but also about having an appropriate attire and footwear adapted to the court conditions and nevertheless being self confident about the chances you get in winning.

The Memory Palace by Mira Bartok

In The Memory Palace by Mira Bartok, the message the novelist tries to transmit her readers is that no member of a family should be left alone when having to face some health problems that include insanity and schizophrenia and by depicting her relationship with her mother Mira Bartok wants to point out the mistakes she made in dealing with her mother condition.

Amaretto drinks

Amaretto is an Italian alcoholic drink which is made of almonds or apricot pits and sometimes both of them in giving a richer taste to the drink and it is renowned for making some fine Amaretto drinks like cocktails such as the Godfather, the Godmother, Cuban Breeze, Lounge Lizard and different coffees and teas.

Organic gardening

People seem to be more and more interested in organic gardening and since this type of gardening gives them more natural and healthy vegetables and fruits to put on tables there is no wonder why gardeners choose to use less chemicals to fertilize the soil and adopt other methods like rotating the crops and keeping them covered as well as maintaining the organic quality of the soil at high level.